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Schutt Air Maxx Back Plate


Designed with a durable plastic plate and an energy absorbing block padding, this back plate is advanced enough to take any big hits to your lower back. It’s also color customized with unique combinations to fit any style! Built to fit the Schutt Air Maxx shoulder pads, this back plate extends protection and style without slowing you down.

You just pick your colour and away you go.




Schutt Air Maxx Back Plate


  • Schutt Adult Back Plate
  • Extends protection from the shoulder pads to guards against impacts from behind
  • Easily attaches to shoulder pads
  • Specially designed to fit Schutt Air Maxx shoulder pads
  • Vented energy block padding disperse the impact of the force over a wide area
  • Custom colour combinations make for a unique look

Fits all Varsity Schutt Shoulder pads and most competitor’s Shoulder Pads.


Additional information

Helmet Colour

Black, Dark Green, Maroon, Royal Blue, Scarlet


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