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Schutt XV HD Shoulder Pads

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The XV HD has many of the same features as the Schutt top level shoulder pads and was upgraded this season with higher-density EVA foam for greater impact absorption and durability.

The moisture and heat management system of the XV HD allows airflow to and from the body allowing the skin to dry and the body to continue its natural cooling action.

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Schutt XV HD Shoulder Pads


Tactical Arch Design

  • High performance arch designs to minimize weight without sacrificing hitting zone protection. These new arches are engineered for maximum range of motion and mobility.
  • Streamlined and balanced arch designs to keep arches and cushions in proper hitting position with less “upward” movement of shoulder pads.
  • Newly designed, positioned and sized epaulets and caps (low profile) eliminating “grab” points and creating better overall performance.
  • Position specific arches include QB/WR, Skill for RB/DB, All Purpose for FB/LB/TE and OL/DL with Non-Epaulet design.
  • Raised corrugations for additional strength and increased air flow

Heat and Moisture Management System

  • High density EVA foam is perforated throughout the body cushion allowing heat and sweat to escape and evaporate.
  • The ventilated arch has raised corrugation and 7 mm vent holes to allow heat to escape and excess sweat to evaporate.
  • Multi-Axis air flow channels maximizes breathability.

Clavicle Channel System

This system absorbs impact specifically around the AC joint and provides maximum shoulder protection. The hook and loop pad attachments can be re-positioned or removed to ensure a precise fit and coverage in the key hitting areas.

Other Design Features

  • Flat Pad Design is low profile for improved mobility.
  • BIOTHANE™ belts create a snug and secure fit while maintaining the shape of the arch to maximize range of motion.
  • Pre-drilled for Accessory attachment.
  • Removable deltoid and scapular pads.
  • Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Removable body for easy hand washing of cushions.
  • The lightest varsity shoulder pad we can build while maintaining high performance standards.

Available in 4 different Styles

The XV HD QB|WR pad offers an attached back plate and smaller arch cut to reduce the plastic that gets in your way. The arch cut gives you maximum range of motion and versatility.

The XV HD Skill gives you a deep cut for a wide range of motion while still maintaining a long cut to give you the protection you need.

The XV All Purpose pad has a longer cut to accommodate multiple athletes playing various positions on the field while maintaining maximum comfort and coverage.

The XV HD OL/DL has an exclusive non-epaulet design available only from Schutt Sports. The elimination of the epaulet gives you a huge advantage: your opponent has nothing to grab onto and leverage against you.

Available in 4 Sizes

Size Shoulder Width
Small 16-17″
Medium 17-18″
Large 18-19″
X-Large 19-20″

Additional information

Shoulder Pad Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Shoulder Pad Style

All Purpose, OL/DL, QB|WR, Skill

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    Great fit, doesn’t restrict movement and easy to attach back plate

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