Gridiron Down Under

GV 2019 Playoffs Week 1.

I’m back after a couple of weeks off. Week 1 of the Playoffs will see an AFL style format as opposed to last year. November 16, 2019 EF – Buccaneers (6) v Dragons (7) 10:30 am Hendy Street Reserve GEELONG BUCCANEERS V BENDIGO DRAGONS If we look back we see that the...

GV 2019 Week 10 Predictions & Power Rankings

October 19, 2019 Peninsula Sharks v Bendigo Dragons 9:30 am MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve Peninsula Sharks (0-8) 13th Forfeit to Bendigo Dragons (3-5) 7th 3rd Forfeit for the Sharks. They should probably look to start recruiting now for the 2020 season. October 19, 2019...

GV 2019 Results

Wow what a week!!! A Head Coach quits before kickoff and the Crusaders just continue to crush everyone that gets in their way.   The day couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start for the Royals in this top of the table clash, when Head Coach Joshua Faure quit the club...

GV 2019 Week 8 Results

A forfeit at half time causing some controversy, while the bottom of the ladder clash saw over 85 points scored.

GV 2019 Week 8 Predictions and Power Rankings

Week 8 will sort out the weak from the rest of the herd, as well as giving us an idea on who will finish on the bottom of the standings. October 5, 2019 Melbourne University v Pakenham Silverbacks 10:30 am Ranger Field Melbourne University Royals (6-0) 2nd V Pakenham Silverbacks...

GV 2019 Week 7 Results

We have taken a different angle this week.We will still bring you the photos and available game film but not in a formal review.So for the one’s who like visuals, this is for you.

GV 2019 Week 7 Predictions and Power Rankings

The season is just over the half way point. A bottom of the table clash might actually be our game of the week. Apparently there is another code of Football on Saturday so all our games are on Sunday. September 29, 2019 Bendigo Dragons v Melbourne University 10:30 am DR Atkinson...

GV 2019 Week 6 Results

A record score set in Week 6. The cream is rising to the top. Check out the Week 6 results video. I know you want to……ok maybe you don’t.

GV 2019 Week 6 Predictions (Plus Power Rankings)

Due to an overwhelming response to the recent poll. The Text version of the weekly predictions has returned. So please try not to choke on your Weeties or fall off the work toilet if you see something you don’t agree with. September 21, 2019 Geelong Buccaneers v Ballarat...


Week 5 saw some high scores and a classic rivalry renewed. The weather, for the most part, was perfect for football. (Check out the 5:15 mark of the video.)