For those of you out of the loop, Adam Gotsis is the starting defensive tackle for the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets in the ACC. He also happens to originate from the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is a former Monash Warrior in Gridiron Victoria.

If you haven’t heard of him yet, trust me when I say that you will be hearing his name a lot during the 2015 College Football season, as well as into early 2016 as the next NFL draft rolls around.

This article appeared on SB Nation, which also discusses the Gotsis story and his chances of playing at the next level.

We will be doing our utmost to keep track of Adam’s progress this season, and bring you any and all information on his senior year at Georgia Tech, as well as his ongoing draft stock for 2016.

We here at Gridiron Downunder wish Adam the best of luck in 2015, as he attempts to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

He certainly has come a long way from beating the crap out of me on the mud soaked suburban fields of Gridiron Victoria.

Adam Gotsis – The start of a very big year

Jamie Stafford

Tina Fey-loving current starting QB (at least until Richie gives me the hook) of the Croydon Rangers in Gridiron Victoria, as well as the Head Coach of the Croydon Rangers women's team. I once got my hair washed by a total stranger in a Subiaco salon at 5am while playing for the 2004 Victorian team. That was a good day.

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