Jesse Williams has been cleared to return to training but doctors have limited him to light cardio and lifting weight under 20 pounds.

Williams was diagnosed with Papillary Type 2 cancer last month after blood in his urine prompted a visit to Seahawks trainers, which quickly led to hospitalization and an unfortunate cancer diagnosis. He had surgery to remove one kidney, and just two weeks later, was cleared for the light workouts.

The Alabama college stand out has battled with injuries in the NFL ending up on the IR in both of his first two years but this will be by far his toughest battle. Williams has more tests ahead of him, most significantly a three-month scan in September that will determine what’s next.

Unfortunately for Tha Monstar this set back will probably cost him another season out of the game while he has treatment. As he is forced to watch Seahawks OTAs rather then taking part in them.

We wish Jesse all the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the field soon.

DT Jesse Williams cleared for light training


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