Gridiron Tasmania are headed into their second season and last weekend held their AGM.

The inaugural President Matt Cameron and Vice President Mat Golding who got the league up and going last season both stood down from their roles due to family commitments.

Marty Rodgers was elected as the new President of Gridiron Tasmania and he thanked the men he was taking over from, “On behalf of the new board members and everyone in the GT family, I would like to express my sincere thanks to both Mats for the work they have done to create our league in the past 18 months. Quite simply, this league would not have formed without their dedication and hard work. They have created a successful competition that is now here to stay.”

The new Gridiron Tasmania board is made up of the following:

  • President – Marty Rodgers
  • Vice President – Chris Jackson
  • Treasurer – Nathan Grafton
  • Secretary – Jon Bouffard
  • Brett Wheldon
  • Jeff Clarke
  • Tom Shepperd
  • Dan Toohey
  • James Sauer
  • Marcus Dornauf
  • Rohan Nunn

It is exciting to see such a large number of people on the board to continue to build on the first season on success and hopefully we will see Tasmania at Gridiron Australia national events soon.

If you want to learn more about gridiron in Tasmania check out or their facebook page.

You can also find your nearest club by clicking here.

Gridiron Tasmania holds AGM past weekend


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