Jarryd Hayne will return to Australia to have surgery once he finishes mini camp with the San Francisco 49ers this week.

Hayne will undergo minor surgery in Sydney once he returns, as a cyst has developed on the arch of his foot. Hayne has stated he will only need a few days to recuperate after the procedure.

Hayne has been going through a steep leaning curve while at the 49ers, but he has drawn some praise from Head Coach Jim Tomsula. “Now you’re starting to see his speed show up, as he’s attacking the line, running his tracks and feeling more comfortable,” Tomsula has said.

But Hayne is still a long way from the 53 man roster, with the real test coming in August’s training camp. It is at this time that contact is finally allowed and players suit up in full gear. Hayne has not participated in a practice where there is a live scrimmage, as the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement does not allow for contact until training camp. The difference between running around in t-shirts and shorts vs pads is astronomical.

If not cut beforehand, Hayne will also take part in the first two practice matches for the 49ers in early August (as the roster limit will still be 90 players), giving him the chance to show what he has got.

If Hayne does not impress at training camp and in the first two practice matches, he will be a part of the roster cuts around the 3rd and 4th practice matches, just prior to the NFL’s Regular Season commencing in September. As I have said all along, it will still be a win for Hayne even if he gets cut, but can somehow land a spot on the 49ers practice squad going into the 2015 season.

Jarryd Hayne heading back to Australia for foot surgery


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