In a very disappointing post to their web site ACT Gridiron have announced the cancellation of the 2015 women’s competition. This is only a few weeks after ACT Gridiron announced that the Gungahlin Wildcats and The Sirens withdrew from the 2015 Womens competition leaving only two teams.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]ACT Gridiron regrets to formally announce the cancellation of the 2015 Women’s Competition. 2015 has been a tough year for the ACTG Women’s Competition with many teams struggling with player numbers, attendance and other unforeseen circumstances. ACT Gridiron would like to thank the clubs, teams and players that were committed to competing in the competition. The ACT Gridiron executive, along with other club representatives, are looking into the sustainability and continuation of the Women’s Competition in the ACT with the hope of a return to competition in 2016.[/quote]

Lets hope that womens football will return to the nationals capital next year.

ACT Gridiron Cancel 2015 Women’s Competition


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