Training Camp is well past the half way point and the first round of cuts is just around the corner. On September 1st by 4pm (New York Time) every team must cut down their rosters from 90 to 75. On September 5th by 4pm teams must again cut rosters for the final time to 53 players.

Teams can claim cut players to their 53 man rosters and once all players clear waivers on the 6th of September teams can sign those players to the 10 man practice squad for each team. If a player is cut by team A he can sign with any other clubs practice squad but often players will sign with the team they spent training camp with.

Lets take a look at each of the Australian’s in training game and their chances to make the final roster.

JESSE WILLIAMS — Seattle Seahawks, defensive tackle

Chance to make final Roster – Good

Williams has had one hell of an off season, coming off back to back seasons on the IR thanks to knee problems he then had to battle cancer as well. He returned earlier this month and saw action in both of the Seahawks pre-season games and will play again this weekend.

“Jesse was sick so he missed a little time here, but he’s back in action today and ready to play,” Carroll said. “I’m really anxious to see Jesse do his thing. Under the circumstances he’s been involved with, this is amazing that he’s come through and is working so hard and doing so well. He’s got a chance to help us. We’ve always looked for the big steady dude in there to get in the combination of our rotation. He’s got a chance to do that. He’ll get a good chance again this week.”

Williams again saw action in the 3rd pre-season game and made a good tackle for loss, I think that Williams will find a spot on the final roster if he has no set backs..

TOM HORNSEY — Dallas Cowboys, punter

Chance to make final Roster – Nil (Cut by the Cowboys)

Tom Hornsey was signed to the Cowboys roster during the off season to provide competition for Chris Jones. So far this pre-season Hornsey has punted well but so has Jones, the Cowboys have given Hornsey every change to show what he has got.

Hornsey got 5 punts in the first pre-season game to just 1 for Jones and in the second pre-season game Hornsey got 3 punts to Jones seeing just 2 punts.

NFL teams are conservative and I can’t see the Cowboys taking a risk on Hornsey when they can take the safe option on Jones for what will be basically the same money. Hornsey has not made it past the first round of cuts by the Dallas Cowboys and he was released for the 1st of September cut down.

BRAD WING  — Pittsburgh Steelers, punter

Chance to make final Roster – Good

Brad Wing had a rather inconsistent season in 2015 and the Steelers signed fellow Victorian Jordan Berry to provide camp competition and force Wing to win the job.

So far this pre-season Wing has been delivering with his big boot he has been the starter and seeing more action than Berry.

As with Hornsey the Steelers are more likely to go with the incumbent Wing for the 2016 season.

JORDAN BERRY — Pittsburgh Steelers, punter

Chance to make final Roster – Good

Jordan Berry has been very good this pre-season but not good enough to out shine Brad Wing. Berry’s stat lines have looked almost identical to Wing’s at times but this will not be enough to win the job.

Berry will get an opportunity to punt elsewhere due to the good pre-season he has been having. Both Berry and Hornsey will probably be invited for a work out if teams are not happy with their punter during the season.

I did think that Berry would be cut until the 3rd pre-season game when he had a great game with booming punts and did some kick off work as well.

The Wing / Berry battle is neck a neck.

DAVID YANKEY — Minnesota Vikings, offensive lineman

Chance to make final Roster – Very Good

A few injuries have provide David Yankey the chance to show what he can do in a number of positions across the offensive line but an ankle injury has also slowed him down a bit as well.

“I think he’s moving a lot better than he was,” coach Mike Zimmer said. “He had a good off-season. Unfortunately when he had the ankle that set him back a little bit, but he was doing good at that point. Now he’s working his way back. He’s much improved from where he was a year ago.”

Yankey has moved from Guard to Tackle due to long team injuries on the Vikings offensive line, Yankey displaying versatility will secure his spot on the final roster as he can play both Guard and Tackle which is vital for the back offensive line positions.

JARRYD HAYNE — San Francisco 49ers, running back

Chance to make final Roster – Good

Fox Sports Australia has gone Hayne crazy over the last few weeks with lots of bad reporting and puff pieces. That being said two weeks ago I would have said that Hayne would not make the final roster but end up on the 49ers practice squad.

Now the 49ers will risk losing Hayne if they try to sneak him onto the practice squad as everyone in the NFL knows about him. Hayne has no chance of making the roster as a running back, he has had two splashy runs but the rest have been rubbish.

He lacks vision to find the creases through the offensive line and runs tentatively and far to high for an NFL running back, there is also a lot of questions about his pass protection work too. Where Hayne has shown he can cut the mustard is in the return game, he has looked at home as a punt returner and many NFL teams will carry a player like that on their roster.

Hayne has seen action on the punt and kick coverage units where he has contributed well. I hate the way Australian media is covering Hayne but he will probably make the final 53.


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