American Football International or AFI have released its “World Rankings” this week an off a solid World Championships Australia finds itself at number 11.

Of course the USA is number one with Canada second even without going to the World Championships. After these last championships Japan now finds itself in third and Mexico is number four. The rest of the rankings are based on results from various championships and tournaments from around the world.

IFAF Europe has a bunch of qualifying games happening at the moment so this set of rankings could see a lot of changes.

Australia really only have one opportunity to show what it can do and that is through the World Championships, being so isolated it is hard to play international games due to the cost involved. The European nations are all so close and can more easily set up games against each other in friendlies and in tournaments.

You can see the whole list here but here is the top 11

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Mexico
  5. Germany
  6. Austria
  7. France
  8. Finland
  9. Sweden
  10. Denmark
  11. Australia


I am sure that AFI have put this together to stir up conversations but I think Australia is about right at 11th, but what do you think?

Australia ranked 11th in the world?


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