Gridiron New South Wales have released the play off schedule for 2015.


In Div 1 the Sydney Uni Lions (1) and the West Sydney Pirates (2) will get a week off and will await the winners of the following matches:


In week 2 of the playoffs the games will be:

  • Sydney Uni Lions (1) vs WINNER of UNSW Raiders (4) vs UTS Gridiron (5)
  • West Sydney Pirates (2) vs WINNER of NorthWestern Predators (3) vs Central Coast Sharks (4)


The two winners of the week 2 match ups will play in the Waratah Bowl.


The women’s knock out playoffs will see the following match ups with winners advancing to the Opal Bowl;


In the Colts competition the winner of Saturdays match up will advance through to the next round where they will play the Sutherland Seahawks (1).

  • UTS Gridiron (4) vs West Sydney Pirates (5)


Week 2 of the Colts Playoffs will be:

  • Sutherland Seahawks (1) vs WINNER of UTS Gridiron (4) vs West Sydney Pirates (5)
  • Sydney Uni Lions (2) vs NorthWestern Panthers (3)


The two winners of the week 2 match ups will play in the Kookaburra Bowl.

All matches this weekend will be played at UNSW David Phillips Field starting from 11am, you can find out more on the Gridiron NSW Playoff Facebook event.

You can watch the 2014 Waratah Bowl or the 2014 Opal Bowl to get you in the mood for playoffs football

Gridiron NSW playoffs are set


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