Last weekend Gridiron SA had an absolute heart stopper of a semi final between UniSA Eagles and the Port Adelaide Spartans.

The Spartans opened up the scoring in the semi final thanks to a 40 yard run from Dickson taking an early lead 6-0. The Eagles then put together a 70 yard drive which was capped off by a 20 yard touchdown from Ian Naulty which tied up the score 6-6 at quarter time.

During the second quarter it was all quiet on the score board until late in the half then the Eagles took the lead for the first time when  L.Wyten connected with Bishop on a 45 yard pass setting up the 2 yard touchdown run from Naulty giving UniSA the lead at half time 12-6.

The Spartans were the first to strike in the second half when Bennett scored on a 7 yard run but when the conversion was unsuccessful the score was tied 12-12 and this is how it would stay going into the 4th quarter.

At the start of the 4th quarter the Ian Naulty show continued when he scored his 3rd touchdown of the day for the Eagles again taking the lead 18-12. The Spartans would not go away, quaterback Noah Simms found Prince Coleman for a 51 yard touchdown again tying the game at 18-18 with a tick over 3 minutes remaining.

Both teams had a chance to win the game in regulation but this game was headed to over time when the clock run out on both teams. The Spartans were first up in over time but could not score on their opening possession giving the Eagles the chance to take out the game which is what they did when Lewis Wyten barely touched the pylon on a 3-yard scramble giving the Eagles a 24-18 win.

The Eagles are now heading to the Great Southern Bowl on Saturday to play Adelaide Uni and we will be there to cover the game.

Gridiron SA held its awards night last Saturday, Congratulations to all of the winners from the night.

Award Winners

2015 Gridiron SA MVP: RB Aaron Nassaris (PAS)
Offensive MVP: QB Mark Rusby (SCC)
Defensive MVP: DB Jesse Wyten (UniSA)
Coach of the Year: Andrew Stevens (PAS)
Rookie of the Year: Modra Paulson (UniSA)

2015 All-Star Team

Quarterback: Mark Rusby (SCC)
Running Back: Ian Naulty (UniSA), RB Aaron Nassaris (PAS)
Tight End: Levi Johnstone (PAS)
Wide Receiver: Andre Benjamin (SCC), Taylor Berrington (AU), Sam Meyers (SCC)
Tackle: Gavin Jones (AU), Hugh Stevens (SCC)
Guard: Dylan Tyrrell (SDO), Alec Letoga (PAS)
Centre: Callum Gee (SCC)

Defensive End: Alex Barone (AU), Carlisle Jones (UniSA)
Defensive Tackle: Modra Paulson (UniSA), Callum Gee (SCC)
Linebacker: Brodie Jachmann-Evans (PAS), Timani Seve (UniSA), John Seve (UniSA), Josh Francisco (SCC)
Safety: Jesse Wyten (UniSA), Phil Buttfield (SCC)
Cornerback: Todd Blackford (UniSA), Jordan Blanco (AU)

Punter: Carlisle Jones (UniSA)
Kicker: Barrett Firman (UniSA)
ST Returner: Jesse Wyten (UniSA)

Gridiron SA Season Wrap Up


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