It is that time of year again when the Pro Bowl voting is open, and there is only two players you should make sure are on your ballot and that is Jordan Berry and Brad Wing.

The two active Australians in the NFL are both Punters and you should be casting your vote for them and sending them to Hawaii. The Pro Bowl returns to Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium on January 31, the week before the superbowl, it will be an old fashion school yard pick with Team Rice taking on Team Irvin.

Jordan Berry’s long of 79 yards punt is the best in the NFL, and Brad Wing is 3rd in the league for inside 20 punter which is a key stat for punters. Both punters are probably not the most deserving for 2015 season but who cares!

Vote Australian, Vote Early and Vote Often!

You can complete your pro bowl ballat here, and make sure you select Berry and Wing.

Pro Bowl voting is open


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