Last weekend the Gold Coast Stingrays played host to the UNSW Radiers Gridiron Club for two interstate matches.

The home team Stingrays with the advantages of not having to travel put near full strength teams on the field, unfortunately the UNSW Raiders they only travelled with 21 men and 10 women.

These numbers meant that the UNSW Raiders Mens and Womens teams were only able to muster around 50% of their squad and needed the help from a few teams from around Gridiron Queensland to help them fill out the teams.

The men’s game was played to remember the life of Jim Minogue who was both a former Raider and Stingray. Jim unfortunately had his life cut short passing away from Skin Cancer.

The women’s games was up first and saw the Stingrays run out 24-0 winners, the men’s game was a similar story with the Gold Coast far to good winning 60-0 over the Raiders.

Despite the result I think these sorts of games are fantastic for the Gridiron community in Australia, I hope we see more of these sorts of games in the coming years.

Gold Coast Stingray come out on top of UNSW Raiders


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