Exhibition Match - ACT Gridiron vs Gridiron Tasmania

This morning on the Gridiron Tasmania Facebook page a exhibition game between ACT Monarchs & GT Tigers mens teams will be played on the 28th of May.

Gridiron Tasmania & ACT Gridiron are excited to announce that Hobart will be hosting an exhibition game between the ACT Monarchs & GT Tigers state teams on 28th May!

Whilst the two leagues are not participating in Gridiron Australia‘s AGL this year, it is not only a worthy substitute, but a tremendous step forward in the right direction, and a great opportunity for all the players and coaches involved!

We look forward to the states cracking helmets at the end of next month!

It is great to see Gridiron Tasmania set up their first interstate match for their state team the Tigers. The game will be played at the University of Tasmania in Sandy Bay, kick off will be 10am on the 28th of May.

Good Luck to both teams.

GT & ACT Gridiron announce exhibition game


Gridiron DownUnder's Grand Poobah

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