The Final squad that will go into camp for the 2016 International Federation of American Football Under 19 World Championship has been announced and is as follows:

  • ALLISON Dominic WA Steelers
  • BELL Lachlan QLD Stingrays
  • BURFORD-GORST Sebastian SA Eagles
  • BUTLER Luke WA Wolverines
  • CAPEWELL Jack QLD Ravens
  • CARTON Zachary WA Blitz
  • CAVANAGH Mitchell WA Steelers
  • CLARK Hayden ACT Firebirds
  • COULSON Bryce QLD Ravens
  • CROOKES Liam WA Vipers
  • CROOKES Mitchell WA Vipers
  • DAVIES Luke WA Blitz
  • DOMANSKI Mark NSW Pirates
  • DUNCAN Branden SA Eagles
  • FEARNSIDE Reece QLD Ravens
  • FERDINANDS Tyler QLD Raptors
  • GAGIANO Rinaldo NSW Gators
  • GOUGH Jason QLD Spartans
  • HASKEW Dale ACT Centurions
  • HAUFF Dante Shanghai Dragons
  • HULLS Jordan QLD Spartans
  • KARIKARI Benjamin QLD Stingrays
  • KARIKARI John QLD Stingrays
  • MACRIS William WA Blitz
  • MADERA Kaelum NSW Cubs
  • MENTI Dylan QLD Spartans
  • METCALFE Benjamin WA Jets
  • MORRALL Scott NSW Cobras
  • OUTRIDGE William QLD Spartans
  • POOR Lachlan WA Jets
  • PRICE Nikolai WA Wolverines
  • RAY Nicholas QLD Stingrays
  • RICE Joshua TAS Devils
  • SPINKS Caleb QLD Spartans
  • STEWART Shawn ACT Centurions
  • STIRLING Jordan WA Broncos
  • STUART-FLOOD Carlin WA Jets
  • THORNHILL James ACT Firebirds
  • TORRISI Lachlan QLD Spartans
  • VINCENT James WA Wolverines
  • WILKINS Daniel QLD Ravens
  • WOOD Zac WA Blitz
  • BEVAN William WA Jets


The Coaching staff that will lead the team is as follows:

  • Luke Chapman QLD
  • Michael Kerr WA
  • Graham Wallace NSW
  • Chris Jackson TAS
  • Eugene Crosby USA
  • David Holmes WA
  • Glen Bowes NSW
  • Milos Vrcelj NSW
  • Chad Hester USA
  • Marc Wilson USA
  • Matthew Noonan QLD
  • Shane Salmon QLD


The team will go into camp on the 18th June and will later fly to China on the 26th June to take part in the championships. The Under 19 World Championship now occurs every two years, previous tournaments were 2009 in Canton, Ohio; 2012 in Austin, Texas; and 2014 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The fourth IFAF Under-19 World Championship runs from June 25 to July 12 and along with Australia, the following nations will take part, USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Austria and hosts China.

There is no sign of a schedule at this stage but I am sure one must be close as the event is due to kick off in less than two weeks.

Final Under 19s Australian Team Announced


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