Welcome to week 1 (technically week 4 but who’s counting?) of the Gridiron Victoria Division 1 Power Rankings. I am Daniel Noonan, and each week I will be ranking the GV teams from top to bottom, not necessarily in the order they appear on the ladder, but where I feel they sit in the scheme of things for genuine championship contention. So, without further ado, let’s get the first of many Power Rankings rolling.

    1. Monash Warriors (4-0, +100 in Net Points)

      The Warriors are like a fine French Champagne: Imported, but always good. Led by the ageless Dom Dearman on Offense and a stout front 7 on Defence, they seem to be the only team in GV putting it together on both sides of the ball, from both a rushing and passing standpoint.

    2. Western Crusaders (2-1, +17 in Net Points)

      Just whispering the name of reigning league MVP Jnala Saluni to any GV quarterback is enough for them to get happy feet, but can he and the rest of the Crusader Defence do enough to cover for an Offence that has less firepower than a British Police Officer? Only time will tell.

    3. Croydon Rangers (2-1, +31 in Net Points)

      Seem to be on an upward trajectory after getting blown out by the Crusaders in Week 1. The Offense led by a second rate QB sneaker Jamie Stafford needs to find a run game to be a real contender to defend their Vic Bowl.

    4. Geelong Buccaneers (2-2, +49 in Net Points)

      Lost two games by a combined 6 points to GV’s top two teams. The offense with Noodle Armed QB (but first rate QB Sneaker) yours truly at the helm has struggled through its first 4 games. The Defence has been stout even without former League MVP Layke Rossiello playing a snap, when he returns they loom to be extra stingy.

    5. Melbourne University Royals (1-2, +18 in Net Points)

      Opened the season with two tough loses against GV’s perineal power houses in the Warriors and Rangers. Will have a chance to prove if they belong in the finals race over the next few weeks. With such a young and inexperienced side expect them to make a real push to the finals in the later weeks of the season.

    6. South Eastern Predators (1-2, +20 in Net Points)

      Started the season strong with a win over the Miners and have since come back down the earth with two loses. Despite possessing some genuine young talent, they are another to be suffering the current GV curse of offenses without firepower.

    7. Berwick Miners (0-4, -227 in Net Points)

      You can’t deny the effort from the guys in Orange and Black. They play every snap with commitment. Unfortunately, the lack of numbers, experience and overall talent will make it a long year for them.


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Daniel Noonan

Daniel plays football and rules over Layke at GSA

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