Welcome to week 8 of the Gridiron Victoria Division 1 Power Rankings.

Well, it seems that being cutting with the GV community is the only way to get readers. Last week’s Power Rankings were the highest rated article on the internet ever (that may or not be entirely accurate). Complaints were heard and ignored, so without further delay, let’s get to this week’s rankings.

  1. Western Crusaders (5-2) Up 2 spots

How can a team who hasn’t beat the team below them be ranked #1 you ask? Because shut up that’s why. The Cru have found their offence in the last few weeks, and considering they already possess the #1 ranked defence in the league that is worrying for the rest of GV. If they keep going the way they have been, they may blow teams out enough for Harry Jalland to actually see the field.

  1. Monash Warriors (6-1) Same spot as last week

Scraped by the undermanned Melbourne Uni Royals last week on the strength of Luke Jackson. The passing game, which was firing early seems to have gone dormant over the past few weeks, and will be further hurt by the loss of their Import WR Alex Glover. I wonder if Coach Ralph Maggio has any other “friends” coming over for a “holiday” soon to help them replace the lost talent.

  1. Croydon Rangers (5-2) Down 2 Spots

Get hammered on the field, get hammered in the rankings. Rangers QB Jamie Stafford usually saves performances that bad for the bed room, or so Mark Doyle tells me. HC Dick Garraway will need to find a way to keep Stafford upright for them to be a legit title contender. The defence will also need to find some size to hold up against the running attacks of the Cru and Warriors.

  1. Geelong Buccaneers (4-3) Same Spot as last week

Took care of business against the Miners, but the real test starts this weekend against the Warriors, and then the Cru the following week. LB turned RB Elliot Webb put in a break out performance against the Miners, which is great, considering “Noodle Arm Noonan” needs a strong running game behind him to mask his lack of actual quarterbacking ability.

  1. THE MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY ROYALS (3-4) Same spot as last week

Managed to get within a failed 2 pt conversion of the ladder leading Warriors, with several players missing due to injury. QB Alex Franklin is the most dangerous dual threat signal caller in GV, but he might need to start eating some cheeseburgers to manage the workload being put on him by Secretary General Hunter.

  1. South Eastern Predators (1-5) Same Spot as last week

Maintained their position whilst on the bye week.   Have to beat the Miners this week in the Toilet Bowl to stay in 6th spot.

  1. Berwick Miners (0-6) Same Spot as last week

I wrote last week: “2-1: Those are the odds I give the Miners of forfeiting at least one game over the remaining six.”  They nearly paid out after one game, taking on loan players against the Buccs.  Can they last the remaining 5 weeks?



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  1. This might be some amazing reverse psychology to get into the Crusaders’ collective heads. Will they perform like after the last time they blew-out the Rangers or step it up a notch?

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