Another week gone, another Power Rankings. I’ll be honest though, this week’s results sucked! Maybe some larger margins than expected, but certainly not to the extent of saying they were surprising. Give me something to write about people!! Where are the season changing injuries (fingers crossed they don’t occur), the shocking upsets, and the whining about my Pulitzer Power pieces? The Popularity of these pieces is increasing, however without your voiced disappointments, I can’t make them as interesting. Choose the avenue and start inspiring!

  1. Pakenham Silverbacks (8-0) Same spot as last week

Every now and then, the Silverback needs to rise on two feet and pound on his chest, to remind the Jungle who is the King. The Silverbacks flexed their muscles on Saturday morning as we all expected to continue on with their undefeated season. A few things worth noting from onlookers though: With the second ranked defence in the league allowing Melton 6 points, a possible lack of focus could be confused with sportsmanship. And an overpowering second half may have over shadowed a more modest first half. Don’t get me wrong though, they still looked fantastic.

2. Bendigo Dragons (5-2-1) Same spot as last week
I’ve been hesitant to officially lock the Dragons in at the number 2 spot for the rest of season, until I saw the result of their second match up against the Barbarians. In hindsight I question why was this the case. In saying that, not everything was as sunshine and rainbows as the score line (50-8) indicated. The Dragons running backs started playing hot potato with the football again, and half of their team got cold spaghetti thinking of the big match up. Coach Hughes was left with what can only be best described as ‘Gippsland like’ numbers to play with. Despite these hiccups, they got the job done comfortably.

3. Northern Raiders (3-2-3) Up 1 spot
Despite their win in Week 8, there are worrying signs coming out of the Northern Raiders camp. It seems that the men from the North are communists. In a Stalin-like power move, their President and Coach-Matt Jenkins benched his promising young Quarterback late in the third quarter, just so he could have a turn under centre. Now I MAY have theatrically lied about how found himself in that scenario, however it does raise the question: If that’s what they had to resort to then what does the rest of the season have in store? This week against the Falcons could have the answer for us.

4. Monash Barbarians (3-4) Down 1 spot
Ever since I started the Power Rankings I have given Monash some stick for their terrible jerseys, and their form has improved. Last week I relented on the abuse and what do you do? You stop giving a damn again. Now admittedly, the reports are that they were missing a lot of key players and most notably people who aren’t scared of tackling (commonly known as linebackers). But despite this problem, the sideline seemed numerically full which brings me to my main issue with the Barbarians: Depth. Where is it? If you’re missing your 1st string, why does it seem your next choice is your 4th string? Let me leave you with this Zinger in hope that my abuse does actually correlate with your form: Get your graphics designer to update their Microsoft Office. Designing jerseys on Microsoft Word 2004 isn’t good enough. Especially when all they are doing is choosing two colours and selecting a fill gradient. Zing! Burn!

5. Ballarat Falcons (3-3-1) Same spot as last week
Coming off the bye week, the Falcons will have had their chance to reflect on their Ranking of 5. A meagre offence that is battling for supremacy against an equally meagre defence, the Falcons had a recruitment drive on their bye week which may prove crucial to their second match up with the Raiders. Sure, it was for the 2017 ladies season, but they could help reinvigorate your defence back to the boisterous group that they were. Why not let them play! #equality

6. Gippsland Gladiators (1-6-1) Same spot as last week
You put together an admiral effort against the Northern Raiders but I’m a little wiser now. All I can take from this result is you being a tease. This week you have the top ranked Pakenham. Give me a reason to start talking about your football again.

7. Melton Wolves (1-7) Same spot as last week
This may surprise most Gridiron Victoria enthusiasts, but Melton’s second half of the year is my most anticipated of all the Division Two sides. The success of any first year team should never be measured by the win-loss category, it should be by comparing second encounters with their firsts. Although the score line against Pakenham shows not much improvement, their first half was considerably better than most halves they have put together all year. Not to mention their offence is showing more fluency with time. Hopefully they can take their focus away from washing advice from journalists in Week 10, and string two halves of football together against the sun-setting Barbarians.


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