Saturday, October 15th – Anniversary Park – 2:00 pm

  • Curtin Saints (1-0) vs. Perth Blitz (0-1)
  • (Last Season: Saints 10-1 Blitz 4-7)

The Saints come in as the favourites in this game, but the Blitz showed to have a hungry defence in their hard-fought loss to the Vipers last week. The Saints had more than triple the yardage of the Broncos in week 1 but only came away with a 14-0 win. If they want to be a championship team they will have to execute better in the red zone. The same is true for the Blitz who struggled to move the ball against possibly the best front 7 in the league in the Vipers.

Ty’s Prediction: Saints 22 def. Blitz 6

Saturday, October 15th – Forrest Park – 3:15 pm

  • Perth Broncos (0-1) vs. West Coast Wolverines(0-1)
  • (Last Season: Broncos 7-4 Wolverines 1-10)

Both teams got off to rocky starts, not managing a single point between them. Both teams also faced swarming defences in the Saints and Jets respectively in week 1. With the first game jitters out of the way and some kinks worked out, both sides should be able to put a better product on the field this week. I see the Broncos generating some more offence and getting back to their winning ways of 2015.

Ty’s Prediction: Broncos 14 def. Wolverines 6

Saturday, October 15th –Anniversary Park– 6:45 pm

  • Claremont Jets (1-0) vs. Westside Steelers (0-0)
  • (Last Season: Jets 2-8-1 Steelers 4-8)

Word on the street is that the Steelers are struggling with numbers going into the season, and it would be a shame if that were true. The Jets on the other hand seem to have reinvested into becoming a winning club and replicating the success of their Under-19 squad. They have a good base of young talent evident by their Junior’s success, and someday soon this should translate into success for the Senior club. Yet to see what the Steelers will bring in 2016, but an import fresh from a season running the ball for the South Eastern Predators in Gridiron Victoria and his teammates should bring their A game for the Jets.

Ty’s Prediction: Jets 12 def. Steelers 6

**Rockingham Vipers have the Bye this week

Gridiron West Week 2 Preview

Ty Henry

Ty Henry

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