Saturday, October 15th – Anniversary Park– 2:00 pm

  • Blitz (0-2) vs. Steelers (1-0)

The Steelers rolled into their first game of the season with low numbers and few gave them a chance against the Jets who seemed to take the Steelers for granted. Following a pair of first half touchdowns the Steelers shut down any Jets offensive attack. Offensively the Steelers caught the Jets in a trap.. literally following their pulling guard all the way to the end zone, while running the same trap play repeatedly. The Blitz on the other hand come in off consecutive losses and are yet to muster a point. This is probably due to facing the two best defenses in the league. Luke and Ben Middleton were solid and should get the Blitz defense prepared as long as their offense can muster enough first downs to keep the defense off the field. I expect John Liu the Blitz’s power running back to be the x factor this game and lead the Blitz to a throwback power running game style win.

Ty’s Prediction: Blitz 14 – Steelers 6

Saturday, October 15th – Forrest Reserve Padbury– 3:15 pm

  • Wolverines (0-2) vs. Saints (2-0)

The wolverines have something in common with the Blitz. They have played well defensively but are yet to score a single point on the season. I believe they will share something else in common after Saturday and that is falling in a blowout loss to the Saints. The Saints were up 34-0 midway through the second quarter against the Blitz and the only gripe so far could be their performance once leading in games. Despite taking their foot off the pedal, QB Justin Sottilare has done a good job distributing the ball to his offensive weapons. The defense will go for their 3rd straight shutout in celebration of nose guard Marcus “Land Shark” McPharlin’s 250th game in Gridiron West. An exceptional achievement and the big guy is still producing with 4 tackles and a sack last week.

Ty’s Prediction: Saints 42 – Wolverines 0

Saturday, October 15th – Anniversary Park – 6:45 pm

  • Vipers (1-0) vs. Jets (1-1)

Not having long time starting quarterback Ben Gastarov seemed to slow the Vipers offense in week 1 but after a solid two weeks of practice and scouting of the Jets they should be ready to put up more points then the 12 they produced two weeks ago. The Jets are coming off a tough loss and just as I was hopping onto their bandwagon after a 18-0 week one win, I’m hopping back off due to last weeks performance. They seemed to have more talent then the Steelers but less fire to play well and it showed. They also failed to get RB Cody Miller involved until much to late in the game and poor snaps put QB Nathan McCann into 3rd and long situations all night long.

Ty’s Prediction: Vipers 35 – Jets 6

**Perth Broncos (1-1) have the Bye this week

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