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What is more hotly anticipated then the return of Game of Thrones last night? The return of the Gridiron Victoria Division 1 Power Rankings.

I am Daniel Noonan, and each week I will be ranking the GV teams from top to bottom, not necessarily in the order they appear on the ladder, but where I feel they sit in the scheme of things for genuine championship contention.

So, without further ado, let’s get the first of many Power Rankings rolling.

1. Monash Warriors (1-0, +25 in Net Points)

Like Daenerys and her imported Army the Warriors look set to lay waste to all who stand in their way. With Luke Jackson, Dom Dearman and Johnny Tostevin leading the proverbial charge, the offense looks set to be unstoppable again.

2. Western Crusaders (1-0, +19 in Net Points)

I legit think the Crusaders have the Mountain playing for them, no joke, all serious. I couldn’t be happier I’m not playing QB this week against these guys. After kicking up a massive fuss about imports around the league last year, it seems the Cru have joined the dark side. I saw a photo making the rounds around Facebook Sunday with 5 guys holding an Australian flag and about 35 guys holding an American Flag… Numbers may not be accurate.

3. Croydon Rangers (0-1, -19 in Net Points)

Stafford looked like he was having about as much fun as a Stark at a Frey feast behind their patchwork O-line in week 1. They desperately need to find in influx of new talent to top up the old firm of Stafford, Doyle, Arthur and Fordham (I only included him so he feels special). Rumour has it they are looking across the Narrow Sea for another player to join their current import.

4. Melbourne Uni Royals (0-1, -25 in Net Points)

Sporting new uniforms and a new head coach this writer expected a much better showing than what the Royals served up in Round 1. While I didn’t get a chance to watch the game all reports are that once again preventable mistakes and penalties cost the Royals a shot in Week 1. Will they learn from their mistakes or will they disappear from the championship discussion like Gendry (seriously where is this guy?)

5. Geelong Buccaneers (1-0, +4 in Net Points)

For anyone who was unfortunate enough to be at Ranger field at 10.30am Saturday, I feel sorry for you. Not only did you see a poorly played Football game (until the last 3 minutes), you were also unfortunate enough to watch yours truly play Left Tackle for a half. Like the Lannisters, the Buccs are losing players faster than they can find them. Missing names like Rossiello, Tinitali, Barnett, Young, Khair, Lawrance, McLaren, Wendt, Fox and Gendry, the Buccs are in for a LONG season, even though the season is actually shorter than usual.

6. South Eastern Predators (0-1, -4 in Net Points)

After Ty Henrys defection to WA the Preds look like they are just a little short on talent. But something is brewing in the South. With a JV comp and a successful Junior program the Preds are growing for the future. But it still looks like it’s going to be a long Winter for them this year.

Gridiron Victoria Division 1 Power Rankings

Daniel Noonan

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