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1. Northern Raiders (4-1) Same Power Ranking

Coming off the bye week, I wonder what the Raiders have in stall for us. Despite all their losses through availability and injury, they come up against a Cru 2 that is struggling offensively. I think a lot of teams will look to this game to try and gauge what effect if any have come from their losses in personal. I predict a big win

2. Melton Wolves (3-2) Same Power Ranking

A pretty comprehensive day at the office for Krul and his boys against the Cru 2. Krul again proving he is the bench mark for Quarterbacks in Division 2 by having his hand in every offensive score (2 rushing, 2 passing). One area of improvement that will be needed for the second half of the year will be on their offensive line. Consistency in its pass blocking will prove vital if they want to become champions at the end of the year

3. Ballarat Falcons (4-2) Up 1 Power Ranking

Finally an up close and personal look at Ballarat. A lot has been said about the self-proclaimed ‘Dirty Birds’ and it’s obvious to see where the nickname comes from. In gridiron, there’s a line (or say ‘the whistle) when you’re playing and Ballarat has one or two players that love to dance as close to that line as they can. The question is, which side of the line are they on? And that is where opinion comes into it. My opinion you may ask? I don’t like to dance

4. Monash Barbarians (3-2) Up 1 Power Ranking

The Barbarians play Bendigo this week and I’m torn. Part of me wants to abuse you for many things. Your jerseys, your imports, the usual Karag or Sanderson crack or even one about your universities drop in enrolments this year. But instead, I will point out the importance of this weeks match up to you. Since your Division 1 big brothers played Bendigo in 2014, they have gone on to thump you by an average of 47 points across 5 games. Now, I don’t think that will happen in week 7. However, I’m simply pointing out that this may be the best chance to rectify this injustice. Ballarat cleaned up their slate against Bendigo last week. Is it your turn this week?

5. Western Crusaders II (3-2) Down 2 Power Rankings

I’ll admit, I haven’t watched many of your games this year however from all reports you have one big issue. HOLD ON TO THE BALL. Please! I understand this system is a favourite past time of the Crusaders but if you can’t get the mesh right in the hand off then you have no offence. It’s nearly like they’re watching The Wiggles at training instead of game film…..hot potato hot potato….
Here’s a tip for opposition Quarterbacks though, if you see #33 edging to one side of the field, throw to the other side. Safety Christian Cinel is proving to be another shining light in Cru 2’s season. There must be something about the number 33…

6. Bendigo Dragons (1-4) Same Power Ranking

When will people start believing that Bendigo sucks this year? Now separated by 2 wins by anyone above them, thoughts of not making finals must be haunting the Dragons players already.
Is this the Dragons curse fully unfolding? After two years of choking in semi finals after dominant seasons, have the Dragons just lost what it takes to win when it matters? After controlling a lot of the game against Ballarat on the weekend, Bendigo couldn’t hold on. Special Teams has been a clear weakness all year and the battle for field position was lost nearly every time. They desperately need a win against the Barbarians this week to help setup a second half of the year come back.

7. Casey Cardinia United (0-5) Same Power Ranking

I’ve got to give it to CCU this week. I had pegged them in a big loss in Gridiron Victoria’s week 6 and they managed to maintain some dignity in front of their home crowd. Relying on the versatility of a few key playmakers, durability will be the big question for the second half of the season.

I know what you’re all thinking, where’s the video? For those who don’t realise, I wagered a video apologising for all my nasty comments on the last weeks Goldfields Bowl. This video is coming! Putting together this article takes priority, however, keep an eye out on Gridiron DownUnders facebook page for when the video is released. After all, a promise is a promise.

This video is coming! Putting together this article takes priority, however, keep an eye out on Gridiron DownUnders facebook page for when the video is released. After all, a promise is a promise.

GV Division 2 Power Rankings Week 6

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