Aaaaah…it’s good to be back…Game Day is but one short day away.  It’s like Christmas Eve for Pigskin fans in the Capital, a time when they still have all the hope in the world (some of it misplaced) that their team can and will take out this year’s Capital Bowl.

Saturday’s games will see the fans turn out at the quaint Griffith Oval – seriously, despite the lack of grandstands this ground is one of the last great suburban ovals in Canberra.  Get out and watch some live football this weekend.

Gungahlin Wildcats at Woden Gladiators – 10.00 am

2016 was somewhat of a rebuilding phase for the Glads – and arguably, the rebuilding went well. From having no team in 2015 to placing a competitive fourth in 2016, can they go one (or two or three) better this year?  The Glads are a team on the rise.

The Wildcats are now into about their 6th straight year of rebuilding.  Gungahlin are traditionally slow starters – both in the season and in a match. They usually have some big boppers up front who are at least capable of moving some smaller defensive linemen around – but who do they have running behind that wall this year?

The Gladiators, on the other hand, have an aerial assault that is one of the better aerial attacks in the league.

If the Wildcats are to stand a chance in this match, they need to stop the pass as well as stop those dangerous little runs that an on-song Glads outfit can inject into the game.  But think about this pigskin fans – what if they do?  What if the Wildcats are actually good this season?

My Tip: Gladiators will tame the Wildcats running out first round winners.

Charity Bowl – Centurions at UC Firebirds – 3.00 pm

With the Spears not being in the competition this year, next-best-team, the Centurions, get the opportunity to play for the Charity Bowl against reigning champions, the Firebirds.

In the Power rankings – this is a matchup between teams #1 and #2. Some argue that this SHOULD have been the matchup in last year’s Capital Bowl.

Early in the season is when the Firebirds are at their most vulnerable. They have a traditionally high turnover of uni students that, after getting battered and bruised for one season playing for the ‘birdies, decide that hanging out at and having a few drinks in the Refectory or at the Lighty while waiting for Stone Week to roll around is a much easier existence.

In contrast, hanging out at the Refectory/Lighty waiting for Stone Week to roll around is exactly how the Cents have traditionally prepared for a season – but some say that new HC Josh Gargiulo has instilled some discipline in this squad and insists that he won’t be satisfied until he can take the Cents almost all the way to a final again.

The Master v The Apprentice

My Tip: The Centurions need time to warm up and will not clip the ‘birdies wings yet. Firebirds to win in a tight one

Get out to Griffith Oval on Saturday and enjoy the start to the ACT Gridiron Senior’s Season, as well as Round 2 of the ACT Women’s Gridiron League.

ACT Gridiron opening weekend preview

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