Power Rankings.

The ol’ copy and paste of the Gridiron Victoria Division 2 ladder. Followed by some obligatory comments on how team sucks. Just the usual…

1. Northern Raiders (6-1) Same Power Ranking

Shout out to Matt Jermy, great to see him out on the field again. Even if he comes looking for me on every single play. I mean, I can expect from the majority of my readers however I thought you were different.
Moving on, the Raiders were clinical against the Dragons in week 8. Playing funny buggers in the backfield, their multiple run options confused the Dragons defence and ran riot. For years I’ve heard President Matt Jenkins brag about these capabilities, its great to see it finally executed. If they yards can be stemmed on the ground, the weakness is still in the passing game. During De Ciccio’s absence, the back up has done admirably but still has room to improve in the air.

2. Melton Wolves (5-2) Up 1 Power Ranking

After fixing up their hiccup from week 1, watching how Melton adjusts in the second half of the year will be interesting. After delivering consistency week in-week out, can they show diversity in their football and hold off the challenges. This week they face a Dragons team down to their QB3. Last time it was 27-8, time to flex your muscle and blow them out of the water.

3. Ballarat Falcons (4-3) Down 1 Power Ranking

Expectedly the Falcons couldn’t stop Melton however they kept their noses in it. Down one ranking but still holding strong at number 3.

4. Western Crusaders II (4-3) Up 1 Power Ranking

I will give credit where credit is due. I have been tough on the Crusaders since the start of the season on taking care of the Football. Often that has been their offensive downfall. But after watching CRU 2 this weekend and their great little weekly video’s they post each week, it seems they are on top of this issue.
Albeit, they were up against a woeful CCU side, they still put them away as I’d expect from any class team.

A week off when the Crusaders Division 1 team plays the Warriors……how convenient (couldn’t help myself).

5. Monash Barbarians (3-2-1) Down 1 Power Ranking

Coming off the bye week see’s Monash in the match of the round against Ballarat. If they can knock off the plucky Falcons then I’ll happily move them up the rankings 2 spots. That’s all I’ve got for the Barbarians this week, let’s see what they’ve got.

6. Bendigo Dragons (1-5-1) Same Power Ranking

‘Low on numbers but plenty of heart’ was the headline for the Bendigo boys in week 7. Unfortunately, it’s followed by the week 8 headline of ‘low on numbers and low on heart’. Bendigo was woeful against the Raiders. Their offence showed no potency and was only made yards when some big boys were asked to run the ball. God help them next week.

7. Casey Cardinia United (0-7) Same Power Ranking

Power Rankings? No power here. In last weeks game against Cru 2 it was as if CCU had brought a knife to a gun fight. Struggling in numbers, they struggled on the field.

But maybe this week will be different?

Nope, CCU forfeit Division 2’s week 9. This week, Football loses.

Better late than never Div 2 Power Rankings

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