Week 10, The turning point.

This week could prove to be the turning point for all the teams in division 2. For all teams except the Raiders and CCU, winning this week is vital. Winning will prove calibre and character, losing will only prove one thing. Losers

1. Northern Raiders (7-1) Same Power Ranking.

Struck by the division 2 curse. Why is it that the top teams are the ones that are forfeited against? It must just be a coincidence…..
Not much to comment on here. Nobody wins when there’s no football but the one silver lining that can be taken is the conservation of their championship leading players. A week for recovery and no injuries is a good week for any team.
No sitting comfortably atop the Division 2 ladder with a 2 game buffer, the Raiders look guaranteed to hold onto the position and favouritism into the finals

2. Monash Barbarians (4-2-1) Up 3 Power Rankings.

Ba-da-ding, ba-da-boom! One win and up 3 rankings? I’ve got to be mad! It is, however, a strong reflection of how even the competition is between 2nd and 5th place.

Monash are starting to look the goods. Offensively they are supported experienced running backs who run behind their pads and a Quarterback that is making good decisions. And then when that isn’t enough, they throw some rookie receivers in the mix who are full of energy and confusion and create manage to create an effective offensive unit. I’m certainly not saying they are fantastic but unlike the majority of the teams below them, they force teams to play sound, solid defence and not get by luck.

3. Melton Wolves (5-3) Down 1 Power Rankings.

The Wolves lost…….lets just let that sink in for a second.

To give them some credit, they came up against a surprisingly good defensive performance against the Dragons. What let them down against the boys from Bendigo was their previously dominant run game. Their defence still played well and even the backup Quarterback was admirable but unfortunately no run game.

I do have great concerns for Quarterback Matt Krul. Broken hand and hamstring issues, Krul stepped in for the second half. Despite looking like their best option to win the game, his mobility decreased with every snap and throwing proved more difficult every attempt. They want to guarantee a finals position as quickly as they can but will they cost themselves their best player? Or will the rest him and be patient in finding the wins required?

Will the slide continue? Let’s see what they have against the in-form Barbarians

4. Ballarat Falcons (4-4) Down 1 Power Rankings.

Nearly every week the Falcons win the turnover battle. How? I’m not really sure. Usually that guarantees wins. However, when the Falcons win, you must accredit the turnovers. But when they lose, criticism must go to both their general play. If they want to play deep into the finals, they must polish their play. Don’t listen to Mister Miyagi guys, just wax on.

5. Western Crusaders II (4-3) Down 1 Power Rankings.

The run game has finally come together with the action in the backfield coming together, now here’s there chance to put it into action against a strong Defence. Combining that with a wirely defence that seems to do what it needs to do each week to help winning, the CRU2 are coming together at the right time. This week, however, could become a season defining moment for the Crusaders division 2 side. They narrowly beat Bendigo earlier in the year with some feeling it to be lucky, here’s their chance to send a message to the rest of the competition that they are ready for some finals football.

6. Bendigo Dragons (2-5-1) Same Power Ranking.

Technically Bendigo isn’t out of the finals race yet, however, their best chances rely on Casey Cardinia sending shockwaves through the league so hopes aren’t high in the Dragons camp. But one thing is for sure, they seem pretty willing to ruin some dreams of those above them.

Conceding to the lack of Quarterback play, the Dragons look to have completely re-jigged to their offence to a heavy package that runs it down your throat. It’s certainly not pretty but off the back of a very strong defence and field position battle display last week, the Dragons could cause a stir. After finishing their matches against the top of the ladder Raiders and Wolves, the Dragons have the easiest run into the finals out of all teams. Perhaps this could be the catalyst of a miracle at work?…..NAH

7. Casey Cardinia United (0-8) Same Power Ranking.

After Forfeiting against the top placed Raiders last week, this week see’s CCU with the Division 2 bye. Having two weeks off in a row for a team struggling with injuries and numbers gives this writer no confidence that they will see the season out. I wonder what the Sportsbet odd’s on them forfeiting again before the season finishes. One thing for sure, I’m sure they’ll find the energy to muster a side against the 6th placed Dragons.

GV Division 2 Power Rankings Week 10

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