Week 2 Men’s Competition

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The travelling roadshow that is the ACT Gridiron this week lands in Greenway with all matches to be played on Saturday at the Greenway Enclosed Oval.

10.00am – Woden Gladiators (1-0) at Centurions (0-1)

This should be a better test for the Gladiators this week. No…wait, this should be a better test for the Centurions this week. No, wait…well, whatever the outcome it’s sure to effect the Power Rankings next week.

Although the Gladiators soundly beat the Wildcats last week, offensively they looked a bit one-dimensional. But at least they could move the ball. The Cents, on the other hand, looked positively pedestrian on offence.

The Centurions offence are yet to score a point and the Gladiators Defence is yet to let one in. Cents QB Beau Kennett will be keen to see more game time than he did last week – and the faithful believe that this will result in seeing a turnaround on the scoreboard.

One to Watch: Glads QB Jackson Te Huki. He showed last week that he is not afraid to use his legs – running in a couple of TD’s. Will we see him air the ball out a little this week?

I’m sure there will be a little bit of extra venom in this match as Head Coach of the Glads, Ryan Van Engelen, takes on his former team. Serving up a loss to your former team is a little bit like that feeling you get when you turn up to the pub with your gorgeous new missus just because you know your ex will be there.

My Tip: I think this is going to be a tight match, but the Cents will get their season back on track, narrowly beating the Glads.

3.00pm – Tuggeranong Tornadoes (0-0) at UC Firebirds (1-0)

Tuggeranong Tornadoes – the Grand Old Dame of ACT Gridiron – make their long awaited return to the competition against that other Grand Old Dame of ACT Gridiron – the UC Firebirds.

The Firebirds were white hot last week – but was that down to the Firebirds playing well, or the Centurions playing like the Cents of old? They appeared to be a well drilled outfit and their hordes of fans will think it nothing but an abomination if they do not go through the season undefeated and hold the Capital Bowl Trophy high at the end.

Tuggeranong, on the other hand, had the bye last round, and before that it has been a season since they played together. Who is left there? Will Head Coach/Club President/League President/Captain/Women’s Coach Cody Field play all the positions?


I owe an apology to Sam “Old Man River” Babic. I was playing a drinking game with myself during the match – every time the Firebirds score, have a sip of Japanese Whiskey. Every time the Cents make a mistake, have a Tequila. By the time it came around to handing the ball off to Babic, my head was firmly in the toilet hurling up a concoction of Hakushu, Jose Cuervo and some of the previous night’s pizza that hadn’t yet made it from the bench to the fridge. I had him down for a two pointer when in fact, I am reliably informed that after 20 years with the club he scored his first TD ever AND a 2 point conversion.

My Tip: The Firebirds will not make it a pleasant return for the Tornadoes and will take the points in this one.

Week 3 Women’s Competition

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Central Spears (1-0) at Diamonds (1-0)

OK, football fans – this is the matchup that we have all been waiting for – the clash of the metaphorical titans in the competition. It’s the championship rematch from 3 seasons ago.  It’s the #1 ranked team vs the #2 ranked team.

I must confess that there were moments during last week’s match when I hoped my eyes would just fall out of their sockets.  I do, however, expect the skill levels to increase in this match.

The Spears are going to need to be better than they were last week if they expect to defeat what will no doubt be fresh, fired up and well-practiced Diamonds outfit. In saying that, the Spears are bloody good and they will not go down without a fight.

Spears QB Dani De Groot will keep the Diamonds honest.  From what I understand she has a couple of hard-running RB’s that will really test Diamond’s defense and we know that she can also sling the ball out to some very handy receivers.

The Diamonds, on the other hand, have a young QB in Sarah Butterworth who was impressive in her rookie season.  I don’t know who they have run the ball out of the back field, but they have Outback representative Emily Malone who also proved herself to be a handy WR/RB last season (not to mention she has a MASSIVE kick on her).  But I think Defence will be the Diamonds’ strength this year.

Will the Rocket go Beyond The Wall?

Seriously, we can’t even have a football preview without a bloody Game of Thrones reference?

I did a disservice to ‘The Rocket’ Mel Rowland – she actually scored 4 touchdowns – that’s 24 of the Spears 26 points – last week.

This week, however, she meets a Defence that will be hoping to be like The Wall – big, white and impenetrable – manned, of course, by the Diamonds’ very own Night’s Watch – the Smash Sisters, Tracey Stuart and Pettra Zucchelli.

My Tip: I think the experience of the Spears will get them up in this game, but don’t bet Casterly Rock on it – it’s gonna be a close one.

Weekend Preview for the ACT

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