The regular season is just a memory. Time to prove who is worthy to battle it out for the Div 2 Championship.


Sunday 8th October, DR Atkinson Reserve, Reservoir – 10:30am

Northern Raiders (1) 10 wins 2 losses V Monash Barbarians (4) 6 wins 5 losses 1 draw

2017 results

  • Week 4 – Raiders 6 Lost to Barbarians 14
  • Week 11 – Raiders 55 Defeated Barbarians 0


A mixed bag of results from the regular season. The week 11 result does not reflect on the Barbarians entire season, defeating the Raiders on a goal-line stand in week 4.

The Raiders have been the best side since week 1 despite the early season loss and the loss to the 2nd placed Wolves later in the year. The running game has been unstoppable with multiple games of over 400yd’s on the ground. If Monash can work out a game plan to reduce the amount of damage the Raiders can do on the ground, this game isn’t out of their reach. The Defense will have their hands full.

Monash will need to be able to pass downfield as QB Richard Truong can’t-do it on his own. His receivers will need to get themselves open quickly so Truong has time to set his feet and pass before the Raider pass rush can get to him. The Raiders will flush Truong out of the pocket and he’ll need to use his trusty legs to move the ball.

I am expecting to see a much improved Barbarian Offense this weekend but the Raiders have far too many weapons and a quick, hard-hitting Defense. Raiders to win and cement the 1st spot in Championship VIII.

Prediction – Raiders 34 Barbarians 14

Sunday 8th October, DR Atkinson Reserve, Reservoir – 2:00pm

Melton Wolves (2) 9 wins 3 losses V Western Crusaders II (3) 7 wins 5 losses

2017 results

  • Week 6 – Wolves 28 Defeated Crusaders II 6
  • Week 13 – Wolves 34 Defeated Crusaders II 8


The Wolves lead the head to head match up 2-0 having scored a total of 62-14 against the Crusaders. A club in just it’s 2nd season in existence has surprised a lot of people. No matter what happens, this has been a fantastic season for Melton. They have an opportunity to repeat the feats of the Pakenham Silverbacks, who won the championship in just their 2nd season in the League.

The Crusaders stand in the Wolves way. Although the club has been around for a number of years, this division 2 side was only put together this year. After a solid start then a run of losses, the boys at the Cru could have just given up but they were given a challenge by their head coach and they rightfully won their way into 3rd spot.

The Wolves will no doubt rely on the heavy run Offense they have employed this year. The Cru can’t afford to focus on just one player as a number of guys can be damaging on the ground. The Wolves Defense prides themselves on being able to stop the run so the Cru will need to find a way past it.

Hard to go past the Wolves in this one but stranger things have happened.

Prediction – Wolves 24 Crusaders II 14

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GV, Division 2, Semi Final Preview.

Scott Ditcham

Football lover since 1990. Massive Denver Broncos fan and father of 1 future football player. Retired GREAT of the Melton Wolves. Writer for Gridiron Downunder Gridiron Victoria. Onside Kick Productions founder. 2016 season stats - 1 INT, 15 missed tackles, 3 tackles and 1 Minor Concussion.

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