Gridiron Australia via its web site have announced they have put in a bid to host the 2019 Men’s World Championship.

In the press release (Read Here) GA said the bid is in conjunction with Bring it on Sports, the IFAF World Championships would be held between the 15th and 28th October next year in the Greater Sydney Region.

We have a sneaking suspicion where in Sydney but we will leave that to GA to announce, hosting the World Championships would be a huge coup for GA.

Hosting should allow for the Australian Outback to put its best team on the park as cost would be reduced verses having to travel to the USA or Europe, with lower cost more players would find themselves in a position to be a part of the team.

We are sure that GA will not be the only IFAF member to enter a bid but we hope the GV/Bring it on Sports bid is the winner. We should know if the bid was successful after the IFAF Congress meet later in August in Panama of all places.

GA announces bid to host 2019 Mens World Championship


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