Short term pain for long term gain is what this season is about for most clubs.


Buccaneers Extinguish Dragons Fire.

Geelong Buccaneers 22 Defeated Bendigo Dragons 0

A perfect day for football, a perfect day for the Buccaneers that turned into another bad result for the Dragons.

After being shut down in their first game in cold and wet conditions the Bucs were looking to get their first win for the year. That win came in the form of a shut out of the Dragons struggling Offense. With the addition of imports the Dragons were hoping to be competitive against the stronger clubs. So far this hasn’t been the case.

No further game information available.

Falcons Go Fishing.

Ballarat Falcons 44 Defeated Peninsula Sharks 0

The Falcons found themselves up against the new team the Peninsula Sharks for the first time. This could have been a danger game if the Falcons took it easy on them. They are a club that wasn’t going to fall into that trap.

The scene was set on the opening play with a 60yd run for the TD by WR #18 Duncan McIntosh who started at RB. From then on the experience of the falcons proved far too much for the Sharks. QB #20 James Stephens had a day out, given plenty of time by his O Line to complete passes. Defensively DL #99 Dave Parker was back in form and LB #21 Peter McKay was wreaking havoc on the Shark Offense.

The scoreline enabled the Falcons to give Rookie QB #7 Jack Bell some game time and he ran the Offense. Scoring players were QB Stephens, WR McIntosh, WR #95 Andrew Pickersgill, #9 Rhys McCormack, # 27 Matthew Gatpan and the always reliable #4 Eddie Carey.

The Sharks skills need improving and no one really expected much from them this year except establish themselves in the League. Occasional good solid play ruined by mistakes and turnovers. Defensively they were able to make plays and the running game had some highlights thanks to #99 Jay Garner who has been a standout so far.


Rangers Do It By Half.

Croydon Rangers 40 Defeated Pakenham Silverbacks 2

In just a half of football, the Rangers inflicted pain on the scoreboard and on the Silverbacks players with the game being called off at half time due to injuries. That didn’t stop them from putting up 40 points in a half. With Mel Martin now coaching the Rangers the Silverbacks were hoping to at least make this a contest.

Rangers QB Brady Kelliher had his Father visiting from the USA for this game and he kept him entertained albeit for a half, with 6 TDs, 3 Passing and 3 Rushing with no turnovers.

With low numbers already and a few players unavailable for different reasons, most of the guys had to play both ways, which can usually result in more injuries and it did on this day. Due to some excellent Punting, they were at least able to pin the Rangers deep which resulted in a Safety. The bye couldn’t have come at a better time.


Predators Wallop Wolves.

South Eastern Predators 52 Defeated Melton Wolves 0

This game had all the aspects of being an interesting one. The Wolves were without some solid starters so the writing was on the wall early. To the Predators credit they were a force on Sunday, showing they have improved immensely with the addition of their imports. They were never really tested as they were able to put up over 200yd’s rushing in the first half and surprisingly passing for 70yd’s and 2 TD’s in the half. Although he had some impact RB/LB #38 Mike Collins wasn’t his dominant self. RB/LB #8 Kyle Martin scored twice on the ground while WR/FS #20 Bobby Vahos added 3 receiving TD’s on just 3 catches.

With the game well and truly over in the 2nd qtr the Predators were able to get some valuable game time into their rookies and young guys. In particular their K/QB #12 Matthew McLeod, who is not a rookie but his first time as QB. He missed a few extra points in the windy conditions but showed that if the starting QB #19 Jesse Sporton goes down with an injury he can step into the position and do it well. He managed to score on a 8yd run. Rookie RB #33 Timmy Komninos got some valuable game time including a hard fought 37yd run for the score.

The Predators Defense was formidable allowing less than 40yds on the ground and next to nothing in the air (1 reception). They also managed 2 INT’s with one returned for a TD by CB #35 Gianni Caruso who has had a hand in at least 1 turnover in each game so far. Although they were never tested, tensions on the sideline seemed to be a bit high with a little altercation between their own players.

The Wolves were just never in it, struggling to run against the Preds Defense and giving up far too many yards on the ground. Backup QB #82 David Parkinson tried his best by avoiding tacklers but was unable to find an open receiver, which resulted in the 2 INT’s. The usual suspects on the Defense played well but it wasn’t enough to stop the Predators Offense. The Wolves did manage 3 sacks in an otherwise poor performance.


Uni Do It Easy.

Melbourne University Royals 40 Defeated Monash Barbarians 2

More of the same from the Barbarians, the Defense managed to put the only points on the board with a Safety in the final qtr. No further game information for the Barbarians available.

Melbourne Uni found themselves, once again, in a position to give all players a run. The Offense dominated their weaker opponents and amassed 40 points.

Some Offensive stats from the game for the Royals – 156yd’s Passing 1 TD, 235yd’s Rushing 4 TDs.

Defensive stats – 2 INTs, 30 tackles 8 TFL, 3 Sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

Standout players – QB Franklin 156yds 1 TD 1 Rushing TD, WR Kerin 114yds Rec 1 TD, RB Simmington 95yds Rushing 2 TDs, RB Tangatakino 115yds Rushing 1 TD.

Defense – LB Young 3 tackles 2 PD, S Roberts 2 tackles 4 PD.




BYE – Falcons (2nd), Predators (2nd), Silverbacks (2nd)

Although not game of the week it should be a close battle. The Dragons have been shut out the last couple of weeks and will hope that their offense finally starts to fire again. With many injuries at RB the run game will be tested against the Wolves front 7.

The Wolves have had a mixed season so far. With a shut out of their own and being shut out by the opposition in two heavy defeats. With starting QB #6 Matthew Krul back in the lineup and the return of some key defensive players, this will be a good test against an old enemy.

Neither team wants to lose this one or they will be stuck down the bottom of the Standings.

Prediction – Dragons 8 V Wolves 14


The Northern Raiders are back after their 2nd bye and will look continue on from 2 weeks ago, which saw their Offense put some points on the board for the first time this season. The Defense has been solid and will look to make the most of any Royal mistakes.

With the opportunity to give valuable game time to everyone the Royals should be well balanced to handle the Raiders. They haven’t been tested since week 1 so at least the Offense, which is now home to a few ex Raiders, will face a stronger Defense.

Prediction – Raiders 6 V Royals 28


A good chance for the Buccaneers to fine tune their game plan against the struggling Sharks.

An opportunity to continue to grow as a team for the Sharks. Their QB situation is better than most, they just need experience around them.

Prediction – Buccaneers 42 V Sharks 0


Another hard task for the Barbarians and I don’t see it getting any easier.

Croydon will get another chance to improve. Won’t be pretty to watch unless there’s more lighting.

Prediction – Barbarians 0 V Rangers 48



An easy choice for game of the week. The two league powerhouses of the last few years face each other once again. There will be no game time for the bench players in this one as both teams will be looking for the edge with a victory.

Both sides have no real weakness so we should see a mix of passing, running and solid Defense. The winner will be seen as the favourite to take out the title at this early stage but I’m going for the first draw of 2018.

Prediction – Crusaders 20 V Warriors 20

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