Week 7 in the books.

Not a lot of movement in the power rankings however.

Only 2 clubs made a move.


Western Crusaders  1 ⇔ 1

Another BYE week for them so no change for the 2nd week in a row.


Melbourne University Royals  2 ⇔ 2

No change for them despite the strong showing against the Predators last week. A very physical team that I can’t wait to see take on the Crusaders.


Monash Warriors  3 ⇔ 3

A solid win over their rivals last week doesn’t see them move anywhere. Mainly due to the fact the top 2 ranked clubs seem to be playing at another level at this point of the season.


Croydon Rangers  4 ⇔ 4

A loss last week doesn’t really effect them. I expect to see them hang onto this ranking for the rest of the season.


South Eastern Predators  5 ⇔ 5

A disappointing loss to one of the form sides of the competition. A very physical team that may be stuck in this position for quite some time.


Geelong Buccaneers  6 ⇔ 6

Doing what they need to remain at number 6. Taking care of the lower clubs but unable to notch a win against their former Div 1 companions. I think it’s safe to say that they would have dominated Div 2 if it remained.

Northern Raiders  7 ⇔ 7

Things are starting to tick along for last years Div 2 Champions. Still a very different side to last year but they are beginning to play like last years team.


Bendigo Dragons  8 ⇔ 8

Victim of the BYE again so unable to make any moves up. Let’s see what happens next week.


Ballarat Falcons  9 ⇔ 9

Almost had a slip up on the weekend. At home though and with the Lymphoma awareness day, they managed to get over the line for their team mate.


Monash Barbarians  10 11

Very nearly knocked off the in form Falcons. Must have been the wintry conditions and the fact most players couldn’t feel their limbs after the half.


Melton Wolves  11 ⇓ 10

Also had a BYE but results from the weekend has an effect on their ranking. They can jump back up with a victory this Sunday.


Peninsula Sharks  12 ⇔ 12

Another thumping last week but still remain in 12th due to playing every game so far.


Pakenham Silverbacks  13 ⇔ 13

Finally had a full team after 2 weeks of forfeits. Unfortunately, that didn’t do enough to have them make any movements upwards.

GV Power Rankings Week 7.

Scott Ditcham

Football lover since 1990. Massive Denver Broncos fan and father of 1 future football player. Retired GREAT of the Melton Wolves. Writer for Gridiron Downunder Gridiron Victoria. Onside Kick Productions founder. 2016 season stats - 1 INT, 15 missed tackles, 3 tackles and 1 Minor Concussion.

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