Going into the final week of the 2018 season there might not be too many changes in the rankings. There are a few surprises this week.

Western Crusaders 1 ⇔ 1

The Cru won’t move from here. Should handle Geelong easily unless they rest a few players.

Melbourne University Royals 2 ⇔ 2

So close yet so far. Finishing the season 9-1 is nothing to be sneezed at.

Monash Warriors 3 ⇔ 3

Bye week after a forfeit from the opposition last week.

Croydon Rangers 4 ⇔ 4

Face the cellar dwellers so they will give their backups valuable game time leading into the playoffs.

Bendigo Dragons 5⇑ 6

A jump in the rankings without even playing a snap. Should have a win to finish of the year heading into the playoffs.

Geelong Buccaneers 6⇓ 5

Facing the undefeated champions will result in another loss. A bit of a form slump of late.

Northern Raiders 7⇑ 8

Impressive effort. Giving up 10 points in the last quarter hurt but considering where they are personnel wise it was a fantastic effort. Another hard task against the Preds. A loss here will see them drop back down a spot.

South Eastern Predators 8⇓ 7

Yes you beat the Sharks comfortably….but they scored on you. Can rectify the rankings with a win over the Raiders.

Monash Barbarians 9⇑ 10

Another team that didn’t need to play a snap to rise in the rankings.

Ballarat Falcons 10⇓ 9

A full game Forfeit this time see’s them slide. Who Forfeits first? Falcons or Silverbacks?

Melton Wolves 11 ⇔ 11

No game. Fundraising efforts hampered due to a Forfeit. Defensive Coach can’t get a good send off and it rained. Season done.

Peninsula Sharks 12 ⇔ 12

They scored…..that’s a positive. Most likely won’t do that this week.

Pakenham Silverbacks 13 ⇔ 13

If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.

GV Power Rankings Week 12

Scott Ditcham

Football lover since 1990. Massive Denver Broncos fan and father of 1 future football player. Retired GREAT of the Melton Wolves. Writer for Gridiron Downunder Gridiron Victoria. Onside Kick Productions founder. 2016 season stats - 1 INT, 15 missed tackles, 3 tackles and 1 Minor Concussion.

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