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*****GAME OF THE WEEK*****

Geelong Buccaneers (4-1) 4th V Ballarat Falcons (3-1) 6th

The early game in Melton see’s two of our “Country” clubs face each other. Last season the Buccs handled the Falcons fairly easily but this season might be different. The Buccs have had mixed form so far, narrowly beating the Wolves a few weeks ago to almost knocking of the Warriors last week.

Playing numbers might be an issue for Ballarat again this week but you definitely can’t take them lightly. There are a handful of players that could easily play for Victoria. In particular Eddie Carey, James Stephens, Peter Mckay and Duncan McIntosh.

The Buccs have a receiving core who can turn a game with Tyler Powell being the main man, also causing havoc in the running game.

PREDICTION – Buccaneers 38 Falcons 14

Croydon Rangers (3-1) 5th V Peninsula Sharks (0-4) 12th

The Sharks face yet another huge task when they take on the Rangers on the road. The Sharks have bravely taken the field with the barest of playing numbers which is a huge credit. It also shows they are willing to fight, no matter how daunting the task is.

The Rangers are coming off the bye after two big wins in a row. They will still be disappointed after losing to the Dragons in week 2.

This game will be a chance for the Rangers to try some stuff out while the Sharks can only do what the Sharks can do. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

PREDICTION – Rangers 72 Sharks 0

September 21, 2019Melbourne University v Monash Barbarians2:00 pmSydney Pargeter Reserve

Melbourne Uni Royals (4-0) 2nd V Monash Barbarians (1-4) 10th

The Royals haven’t played out a full game since week 1, through no fault of their own of course. Unfortunately their opposition haven’t been able to either finish off games or keep the clock from running continuously. It’s the nature of the competition at the moment. The opposition this week might at least give them a full game. I still predict a running clock will be introduced at some point though.

The Barbarians surprised everyone with a shock win over the Melton Wolves last week. Have they finally got enough momentum to at least score against the Royals? Their QB is big and can throw, while the running game is aided by a very reliable offensive line.

PREDICTION – Royals 66 Barbarians 0

September 21, 2019Monash Warriors v Melton Wolves2:00 pmMacPherson Park Recreation Reserve

Melton Wolves (2-3) 8th V Monash Warriors (4-1) 3rd

Melton host yet another home game this week. Let’s hope that the weather is fine for this one as their record so far (weather wise) hasn’t been great at home.

The Wolves took a step backwards after narrowly losing to the Buccaneers, then losing to the win less Barbarians last week. HC Tony Simmons didn’t play at QB which may have had an impact on how the Offense handled itself. Considering his knowledge and familiarity with the playbook. They now face the powerhouse Warriors.

The Warriors haven’t been overly convincing so far. With a predicted loss to the Crusaders and a very close contest with the Buccs. I put it down to players still to come back? correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe they are just saving the good stuff for the playoffs. Either way, they shouldn’t have much of an issue in handing the Wolves defeat number 4 in a row.

PREDICTION – Warriors 46 Wolves 0

September 22, 2019Western Crusaders v Northern Raiders10:30 amHenry Turner Reserve

Western Crusaders (4-0) 1st V Northern Raiders (0-5)

The Crusaders have now won 30 games in a row. If I said they hadn’t been troubled in any of these 30 games I’d be pretty damn close. After dismantling the Predators last week, I don’t hold on to much hope for the Raiders.

The Cru might take this opportunity to try players in other positions but only when they seal the deal early in this one. HC Craig Wilson should return to the sidelines after a week off with illness

The Raiders could have easily had a record of 2-3 at this stage but due to a huge number of rookies they are not. Playing numbers have been an issue but to their credit, they’ve gone through playing a full game each week. This will get ugly early and a running clock will be implemented again.

PREDICTION – Crusaders 66 Raiders 0

September 22, 2019South Eastern Predators v Pakenham Silverbacks12:00 pmLakeside Recreation Reserve

South Eastern Predators (2-3) 7th V Pakenham Silverbacks (1-4) 11th

Preds coach Mel Martin faces his old club for the 1st time as the Predators coach, after coaching Croydon last season. The Preds have been a frustrating team again this year. They are able to beat up on the lower clubs but just can’t seem to get it together for the clubs above them on the table. A huge loss to the Cru last week should see them beat up on the Silverbacks this week.

Pakenham showed promise when they beat the Raiders and held the Warriors to 40 points. It all came crashing down when they were unceremoniously pounded by the Dragons last week. Let’s hope they can salvage something and keep the preds under 40.

PREDICTION – Predators 66 Silverbacks 0


What’s a season without some power rankings? I wasn’t going to do it this year but had a change of heart. So here we go!!















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