2020 Gridiron Australia National Championships

Gridiron Australia via its Facebook page has announced the postponement of the 2020 Men’s & Women’s National Championships.

The full press release is below (via www.gridironaustralia.org.au)

COVID-19 Update: 2020 Nationals Postponed

An emergency meeting of the GA board executive was held last night to discuss the ongoing escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak and the ever-changing advice and restrictions being placed on group gatherings and travel on a daily basis.The health and welfare of our members is our number one priority and as such feel it necessary to take the difficult step of postponing the Gridiron Australia National Championships which were to be held on the Central Coast of NSW in May/ June.
Whilst the event is still over two months away, and our hope is that the current situation will be significantly improved we felt it was necessary to provide some clarity for state teams and players as they continue their preparations and to ensure they can take the steps they need to assist in the prevention of the spread of the virus without compromising their Nationals campaigns and allow players to take care of themselves and their families.
Gridiron Australia will be working with its member states, tournament organisers and venues to secure an alternative date later in the year once we have a revised understanding of the situation from the government and health authorities.
We want to thank the member states and players throughout the country for understanding why we have had to make this difficult decision and would encourage everyone to follow the health guidelines which can be found at www.health.gov.au so that we can all assist in the containment of this outbreak.

Kevin Wilson Director of Football Operations
Gridiron Australia


With COVID-19 gripping the world we can’t see a path to where the National championships could be played in 2020. The best we can hope for right now is that the domestic season will be able to take place in the second half of 2020.

Gridiron Australia could look towards a massive 2021 where the opportunity to play the Men’s, Women’s and Colts National Championships all in one event. and get back onto the normal scheduling of events the following year.

We will watch this space and see what will come.

2020 Men’s & Women’s Nationals Postponed


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