Gridiron Victoria via its website has announced it will begin all tackle football competitions in October. While this date is later than normal we are excited that we will see football in 2020.

The plan is for a 12 game senior men’s season up until the 13th of December before taking a break for Christmas and New Years then returning in 2021 for the conclusion of the season including the VIC BOWL.

The 2020 season will also see the return of the two division format for the senior men’s competition. We understand the defending champions, Western Crusaders will be joined by the Warriors, Rangers, Royals, Predators, Buccaneers, and Dragons in Division one with the remaining teams to be in division two.

Daniel Noonan, Gridiron Victoria President had this to say on the announcement. “We are excited to return to 2 divisions and have a massive 14 team men’s competition while also growing our women’s, U19 and U15 participation. Thanks to all the club’s, members and VGOA for coming together and coming to a solution under difficult circumstances”

The 2020 season will be an interesting one, to say the least, but one subplot we will be watching closely will be the number of import players. With Australia closing its borders it will be almost impossible to bring in new players to join teams thus relying on mostly local talent.

I am looking forward to seeing the competition return to one without the high numbers of imports we have seen in the past few seasons.

If you have not done so, please check out our gridiron practice planner, a great assistant to helping you get organised and stay on track.

Gridiron Victoria announce 2020 start date


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