Round 2 is here and it sees all competitions playing over the 2 days. There are now 5 games in total on Saturday and Sunday at Melton due to a venue change. We get our first look at the kids of the future of Gridiron in Victoria, when the under 16’s take the field. We also see the first games of the under 19’s as well as Division 2. It’s definitely going to be a hot one with forecasts of temps in the mid 30’s.

UNDER 16’s Boy/Girls – Sydney Pargeter Reserve, Endeavour Hills, Saturday 22nd January @10am.

South Eastern Predators V Geelong Buccaneers

The joint venture between the Casey Spartans and South Eastern Predators is on show here, as they take on the Geelong Buccaneers. Plenty of talented juniors at Casey should see a first up win. However, don’t count the young Bucs out, despite the long trip across town.

PREDICTION – Predators 30 Defeat Buccaneers 18

UNDER 16’s Boys/Girls – MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve, Toolernvale, Saturday 22nd January @11am

Western Crusaders V Croydon Rangers

Croydon generally have a good bunch of young talent at this level and should see them with a first up victory over the Crusaders. The Crusaders have some excellent coaches who know how to win. This could be a close game.

PREDICTION – Crusaders 12 Defeated by Rangers 20

UNDER 19’s BOYS – Sydney Pargeter Reserve, Endeavour Hills, Saturday 22nd January @1130am

South Eastern Predators V Geelong Buccaneers

This game see’s ex Crusader coach Brian Calloway on the sideline in Predators colours for the first time. Again, with Spartans joining forces, I see this team as a threat to winning it all. I don’t know much about Geelong and after my round 1 debacle with their senior men’s prediction, I’m not sure what to think.

PREDICTION – Predators 36 Defeat Buccaneers 20

UNDER 19’s BOYS – MacPherson Park Recreation reserve, Toolernvale, Sunday 23rd January @1030am

Melbourne Uni Royals V Croydon Rangers

The Royals start their title defence against a team I mistakenly said would finish 2nd last, with a less than ideal record. I knew of my error not long after posting it. It’s now up to them to prove that it was a mistake Afterall.


DIVISION 2 MEN’S – MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve, Toolernvale, Saturday 22nd January @1230pm

Melton Wolves V Northern Raiders

What has become a pretty fierce rivalry over the Wolves short future, we should see a hard-fought close contest. The Wolves have a new QB and numbers look healthy. Their size is a concern. As for the Raiders, again I don’t know a lot but they are generally short on numbers but seem to play very well despite this. I find this one hard to split but I give the Raiders experience a slight edge here.


DIVISION 1 MEN’S – Sydney Pargeter Reserve, Endeavour Hills, Saturday 22nd January @3pm

South Eastern Predators V Warriors Gridiron Club

A not so ideal start to the season by either team here. I think the Predators would be more upset with themselves after their loss to Geelong in Round 1. Speaking of Rivals, these 2 clubs have been rivals from the Preds inception into the league, with former players and coaches heading to the Predators. This still seems to be the case with a few ex-Warriors changing colours.

After seeing the Warriors first hand, I am hoping that they are waiting for a few more players to return. They didn’t look as formidable as they have in their very successful future. Luke Jackson looks to be easing back into playing after the long layoff. James Avia should be their QB going forward. The Predators on the other hand do look like a force with the Ferguson to Prince/Halliwell combination. They will just need to get that run game going. Something they didn’t really get a chance to show after falling behind by 20 points. They can’t afford to start slow and play catch up football.


DIVISION 1 MEN’S – MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve, Toolernvale, Saturday January 22nd January @4pm

Geelong Buccaneers v Melbourne Uni Royals

The Buccaneers came out swinging in round 1 and hope to continue that form as they face the Royals. The Royals had the forced week off with Covid running through the team.

After watching the Bucs last week, I don’t see them losing this one despite my 1-9 season prediction. They COULD be a threat to the Crusaders but it’s still early days. Hard to say how the Royals will come out Saturday. Let’s hope it’s close and a great spectacle for those there watching.

I think Geelong’s only weakness is their secondary, after getting beat deep a few times last week, which might see Jacob Kerin light it up in the heat. I also expect to see Daniel Tinitali live up to his promise of getting his “Old arse” into the endzone a few more times.


DIVISION 1 MEN’s – MacPherson Park Recreation Reserve, Toolernvale, Sunday 23rd January @4pm

Western Crusaders V Croydon Rangers

The Crusaders were no doubt looking forward to kicking off their season last week against the Royals. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and they were gifted the 2 points. The Cru haven’t lost much and their defence looks just as solid as it has the last few seasons. Offensively Rohail Aktar is back at RB, Sammy Delai brings speed to the WR’s and former Junior QB Matt Krul, moves from WR to QB for the season. Matt promises me his elbow is 100% now, oh, and Jnala Saluni hasn’t retired still and judging by his Facebook and IG stories, he’s definitely not done yet… Something rival teams won’t be happy about.

The Rangers, despite the win last week, didn’t look that convincing. It wasn’t until QB Joshua Long took over after injury to their starter, that they started to move the ball down field. They will miss RB Josh Rice as he again was injured in the first game with an arm injury. Their DB’s will need to hold onto the ball if it comes their way like last week. You don’t want to let the Crusaders off easily by dropping Interceptions. The Rangers Offensive Line will have their work cut out for them. Hopefully the heat doesn’t take its toll.


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UNDER 16’s mixed



Round 2 Gridiron Victoria Predictions (2021 Season)

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