Things are slowly starting to take shape in the standings. It is evident the Crusaders are the team to beat in all the competitions they are involved in. The under 19’s is a matter of who can take it up to the Buccaneers? That question and many more will be answered this weekend.

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NOTE – I had a longer preview all typed up ready to go. Thanks to modern technology….it didn’t save what I had done. So here is a much quicker version without venue details and times.

Under 16’s

Croydon Rangers 22 V Geelong Buccaneers 20

Should be a close battle here. Winner is paying second fiddle to the Crusaders

Western Crusaders V South Eastern Predators (FORFEIT)

Unfortunately, the Predators have had to forfeit.

Under 19’s

Croydon Rangers 14 V Geelong Buccaneers 16

Easily the best 2 sides with the Rangers improving over the last few weeks. Last time they met was decided by 2 TD’s, that were scored in under a minute by the Buccaneers.

Melbourne Uni Royals 18 v South Eastern Predators 14

Despite only ever having 11 players, the Royals still have some scoring power. It’s whether they can stay hydrated enough on Defense that will be the key factor. It’s going to be hot, so hopefully they get through the entire game.

Division 2

Northern Raiders 24 V Melton Wolves 14

Neither of these teams are a threat to the Crusaders. Will be another tight battle and I believe Wolves QB Page is out due to Covid.

Division 1

Croydon Rangers 28 V Geelong Buccaneers 22

Stegman just makes the offense look better. Question is though, who is the next RB up? Geelong has the better run game.

Warriors Gridiron 6 V Western Crusaders 48

Can’t see it going any other way. Crusaders may score more than predicted.

Melbourne Uni Royals 18 V South Eastern Predators 8

Royals haven’t been overly dominant on Offense, but the Defense is the key to getting them the victory. No Ferguson is a big blow to the Predators chances.


LA Rams 28 V Cincinnati Bengals 24

Honestly, I didn’t even see these teams making it, especially the Bengals. So what the hell do I know about the NFL?

This week’s games on GVision will come from the Royals and Predators on Sunday.

Live streams will be seen on the Gridiron Victoria Facebook page from DR Atkinson Reserve

To get you in the mood, Check out this Hype video on YouTube.

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