Sorry for the missed week (week 4 review). I’m back this week. More favourable weather for this week.


The weekend kicked off with the Melton Wolves hosting the Western Crusaders II at MacPherson Park. The Cru jumped out to an early 8-0 lead after a typical pass over a Wolves Defender. Something we have become very accustomed to over the years (I’ve been guilty of it). The Wolves hit back with a strip from LB Beau Booker for a long return and score. This was followed up with another score but a 2nd failed 2pt conversion. In the 3rd the Wolves jumped to a 20-8 lead and looked like they were going to hold on for a Victory. As you’d expect, the Crusaders didn’t lie down, and proceeded to score 4 TD’s (3 in the last) for a 34-20 Victory.

Next up was the Bendigo Dragons and the Northern Raiders. The Raiders took an early lead and didn’t let that go. Despite low numbers the Dragons were able to hit the scoreboard more than once. Finding weaknesses in the Raiders pass defense. The Raiders got the job done in the end with a 52-20 victory, leaving the Dragons winless so far in 2022.

Over at Holmsglen Reserve, the Warriors hosted their local rival South Eastern Predators in the LIVE STREAM game. The Warriors were never tested and ran out comfortable 31-8 winners. The Warriors look to be gelling better as a team, after some early season mistakes.

The Final game came on Sunday with the Western Crusaders taking on the Croydon Rangers for the second time this year. Just like the last few times they have faced off, the Crusaders made very light work of the Rangers. The 46-0 score line (correctly predicted by myself before the game. I have witnesses) see’s the Crusader dominance continue. The only way they lose any games from here, is if the whole team develop Covid the night before Vic Bowl.


There will be a host of games all over the State this weekend. Three games to be played in Bendigo and one in Croydon. We also will see a very special guest down at Ranger Field on Saturday. Jesse Williams will be attending the game to see how we play it down in good old Victoria.

First game in Bendigo will see the Dragons hosting the Wolves in this early morning match up. Despite getting the first win over the Dragons a few weeks earlier, the Wolves were down at the half before putting the foot down. This one could be very different, with the Dragons slowly getting things working on Offense. The Defense is currently the issue though. I predict a close encounter and a tight score line. Wolves to get up just, 18-16.

Next up, at a more reasonable, time is the Western Crusaders II and Northern Raiders. A rematch of last season’s DIV 2 Championship game. This one could see some high scores and not much defense. The Raiders will hold on with a score of 34-30.

The game in Croydon will kick off next with the Rangers facing off against the Predators. Last time these 2 played, the scoreboard operator had to take a day off work. I don’t think this will happen this time, and I think the Rangers will be hurting from yet another loss to the Cru, and will punish the Preds, who have the Haynes brothers returning from their mid-season trip. Score 38-6

The final game in Bendigo will see just how far off the Crusaders the Warriors are at this point in time. I see the Warriors as the only real team that could test the Cru….Not saying they will win but they will at least put a score on the board. The Crusaders win 44-14.

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