Week 7 had some interesting score lines and an upset most probably didn’t see coming. That’s the beauty of Gridiron.

Once again, unfortunately, the Bendigo Dragons had to forfeit their match against Cru II. This allowed the Crusaders to form a single team and show strength in numbers. Not something they’ve needed to do recently though. Given all their success and an undefeated season thus far.

The Predators and Crusaders were happy to let any Dragon players play for the Predators in their match up. This is something that is good to see. At least they get a game in and everyone is happy. Despite scoring 42 points of their own, the Predators actually put some damage on the scoreboard, scoring 24 points on the usual shutout defense of the Cru. Despite the minor ‘hiccup’ by the Crusaders, I am sure it won’t affect them too much, if at all. It will probably make them more hungry and more dangerous come finals time.

The Croydon Rangers were playing on the other field at Hendy St against the Warriors, who were looking to get revenge for the earlier season loss. Unfortunately, with Rangers QB David Nilsson making his first official start for the season, any hope of a Warrior victory was snuffed out in the first quarter. The rangers eventually went on to win 36-16. That pretty much gives them a first week finals bye, if they can win in week 8.

The final game was played Sunday with the Melton Wolves hosting the Northern Raiders. An evenly match game saw the Wolves with a half time lead. As expected, the Raiders scored in the 3rd but their failed 2 point conversion left them 2 points in arrears, going into the final quarter. A game saving forced fumble by LB Joshua Cutler down near the 15yd line sealed the victory for the Wolves. (see the play in YouTube video attached). The Wolves forced 10 total turnovers in this game and rarely turned it over themselves.

The final week of the regular season is upon us. We also have a night game that GV vision will be bringing you highlights from. With the entire league making the finals (Barr Dragons), it’s more about getting things right before next week. Unfortunately, the Dragons have forfeited again so there are 3 games to look forward to.

The Melton Wolves will face their toughest opponent this season when they take on the hard-hitting South-Eastern Predators. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck3HifmJ6Hz/ (THIS HIT HAS GONE VIRAL)

The Wolves will be on a high but they won’t match it with the bigger and faster Preds. Score should be around 48-6.

Under lights the Warriors host the Northern Raiders, who are missing some key players due to injury. The Raiders will want to improve from last week while the Warriors will want to win under the bright lights of their home base. Warriors win 38-20.

Finally, the Croydon Rangers host the Western Crusaders II. The Cru would like nothing more than to inflict more pain on the Rangers so, they won’t lie down easily. The Rangers are desperate to give themselves some hope that they can beat the Crusaders and by beating their 2nd side, it’s a start they need. Coach Joh Leijten will ensure his team is focussed and ready for this one. Scores will be Rangers 38 Cru II 22

Gridiron Victoria 2022 Week 7 Review and Week 8 Preview

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