We are almost there. One more week of finals and then it’s Vic Bowl party time down at Ranger Field in Croydon. But first, we need to take a look back at the Elimination final results.

In a rematch of the week 8 game, the Warriors Gridiron Club pretty much left off where they started. This time though, to the Northern Raiders credit and in the heat of a 30-degree day, it wasn’t the same start. Holding the Warriors to just ONE TD in the opening quarter but the flood gates opened from there. President and veteran RB Luke Jackson had a day out, running in numerous TD’s and a 2 point conversion reception. Once again, the Raiders receivers let down their QB with a number of dropped catches on the day. Warriors journey man, Prince Coleman was playing both ways and could have had 5 INT’s on the day, dropping 3. He also opened the scoring on Offense. The Warriors go on to meet with long-time rival the Croydon Rangers while the Raiders lick their wounds and try to recruit for 2023. Final score was Warriors 48 Raiders 0.

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The South Eastern Predators and the Melton Wolves were up next. Both sides had Bendigo Dragons players playing for them, while the Wolves also had a number of Raiders players suit up in the purple jerseys. Unfortunately for the Wolves, they were never in this contest from the first kickoff. The game was put to bed in the first quarter with the Predators scoring more than 30 points. The end score did nothing for either side. The Preds would just be hoping that this blowout win didn’t injure any of their starters for the important semi against the undefeated Western Crusaders. Final score was 76-6 and a finish to the Melton Wolves 2022 campaign. They look towards 2023.


For the umpteenth time in GV history, the Croydon Rangers will play off against the inform Warriors Gridiron Club, for a spot in this year’s Vic Bowl. The Rangers have had the better of the Warriors in their previous 2 meeting this season. The last time saw the Rangers win comfortably and they will be hoping to do it again with limited casualties. The Warriors are not the team they used to be in years past and will find it hard to get past the Rangers, who will be desperate to get back to another Vic Bowl, to make up for last season’s defeat at the hands of the Crusaders. Rangers win this battle with a score of 30 to 14

Top of the table Western Crusaders will be eagerly waiting for the Predators in their semi-final battle. The last time the Preds were able to get some points against the Cru. Something all but one other club have struggled to do this season. Unfortunately, they will need to be playing well above their current abilities if they have any hope here. COVID is pretty rampant at the moment and it’s the only thing I see derailing any chance of a Crusader 5peat. Crusaders to show who’s boss in a 46 to 6 victory.

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All field 1 games will be live streamed (check GV FB page on the day) while GV vision will bring you highlights of ALL games from Field 2.

Gridiron Victoria 2022 Elimination Final Review and Semi Final Preview

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