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John Leijten launches Podcast but if you are new to gridiron in Australia and don’t know the name John Leijten let us catch you up.

Coach Leijten would be best known as the linebacker coach for the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe, he also coached running backs and special teams for the Admirals. He was also the former head coach for the Dusseldorf Panther, Dresden Monarchs of the German Football League.

Many would know him from this time as the head coach of the Australian national team the Outback taking the Outback on two World Championships in 2011 and 2015, he has also spent time with several Australian clubs and is the current head coach of the Victorian based Croydon Rangers.

The podcast features invite guests from the Worldwide Gridiron community to talk about everything American Football related. Topics range from College football, NFL, GFL, ELF to X & O’s, leadership, position fundamentals, football development, international recruiting, athlete development and how all of this affects life.

The first three guests JL has had on the podcast have been NFL defensive lineman Adam Gotsis, Director Sports Operations of the Munich Ravens, (European League of Football) Sean Shelton and in the newest episode Wade Kelly the new CEO of Gridiron Australia.

You can find the Coach JL Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube or by searching for Coach JL Podcast on your preferred listening app.

John Leijten launches Podcast.

Coach John Leijten launches new Podcast


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