After a weeks rest we had some amazing action in round 5. High scores and the return of the future stars of Gridiron Victoria, the Juniors

Saturday afternoon was the first game of the men’s round 5. The Melton Wolves against the Bendigo Dragons. Both clubs having to travel over an hour for this one. The Wolves were still winless with a few close loses previously. The Dragons were facing injury concerns after the thumping they received by the Champs. The Wolves look to have finally found there man at QB. After jumping to a 14-0 lead, the Dragons clawed their way back into it. The Wolves eventually held on for an entertaining 30-20 victory and look to face their arch rival Raiders in round 6.

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The Croydon Rangers were next up against their bogey team, the South Eastern Predators. Some familiar Ranger faces were missing from this clash. However, the best triple threat receivers were all there and they didn’t disappoint.

It wasn’t just the likes of Kerin (1 TD), Cleaver (3 TD’s) and Fountain (2 TD’s and 2 NON TD’s due to penalties) that dominated the scoring. First on the board were the Predators with their own star receiver Cooper Maher (3 TD’s), falling backwards while still managing to find and hold onto the ball for the score. A fast start by the Preds after the Rangers fumbled on their first drive. It was pretty much a Ranger takeover after this, blowing the lead out to 22 points in the 3rd quarter. This didn’t deter Maher from scoring 2 more times in eerily similiar fashion to his first touchdown. James Cleaver put the exclamation mark on a very entertaining spectacle, with a 70yd (rough estimate) Kick return for the touchdown. The Rangers winning 48-22.

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Sunday saw the Geelong Buccaneers travel to Footscray to play Crusaders 2. Another high scoring affair with the Cru 2 boys holding their own against the Bucs. Final score Buccaneers 42 def Cru 2 30.

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The final game for the round had the undefeated Western Crusaders hosting an improving Warriors Gridiron. Despite running out winners 48-13 in this one, the surprsie was the 13 points the Warriors scored on the usually stingy defense of the Crusaders. A minor hiccup (if you can call it that) in their dominance of teams so far in 2023.

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Gridiron Victoria Round 5 review

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