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The top 2 are separating from the middle pack, with the usual suspects in the middle tier of the standings.

Some shocking weather for the Saturday games. The rain just didn’t stop, and the wind made it almost unbearable for spectators and players alike, BUT it’s Football, and we love it.

The round kicked off with the Warriors Gridiron taking on the Western Crusaders II. In treacherous conditions at Hendy St Corio. It was the Warriors who handled the wet conditions better. Eventually running out 30-8 winners, and closing the gap on 3rd spot.

The Geelong Buccaneers hosted the Western Crusaders. In the usual dominant fashion, the Crusaders were huge winners 40-2. The only Geelong score was a returned 2 point try. The Crusaders remain undefeated on top and face the undefeated Croydon Rangers on Saturday (Game Livestreamed on Gridiron Victorias’ YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/live/rA8idc5TBLc?si=TSF7Abi23xBME7PN). This is a rematch of the past 2 Vic Bowls.

Wolves v Rangers highlights

Out at Sunny Melton we had the Croydon Rangers travelling across town to take on the improving Wolves. Unfortunately that improvement was nowhere to be seen in the downpour. A total of approximately 15 fumbles combined in this game. At least 10 by the boys in Purple, and some costly ones at that.

The rangers jumped out to a quick 12-0 lead which took us to half time. After that, it was just a question of who was going to fumble the ball next. The Rangers big winners 36-0.

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The Final game was on Sunday out at Endeavour Hills, between the beaten up Raiders and South Eastern Predators. In a position not unknown by the Raiders. They had enough to get the game going. Despite having less on the sidelines, the Raiders were level pegging in the first with the score 6-6. Unfortunately that’s when it all started to unravel. Missing key starters through injury and other commitments, they showed heart as usual. Unfortunately the Predators were playing themselves back into form and presenting a healthy looking sideline. The question now is, can the Predators continue on their winning ways when they take on Cru II? 3rd spot is still up for grabs.

Gridiron Victoria Round 8 review

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