Hunter Gridiron 7 on 7 Teams

The Hunter Gridiron League (HGL) announced its arrival back in January with the promise of a 7 on 7 full contact league based in the Newcastle and Hunter Region of New South Wales.

The HGL over the past few weeks has announced the initial 4 teams that will take part in 2016 and the reasons as to why they chose the name for each team. The four teams will be known as the Bombers, Miners, Marauders and the Cannons the reasons behind the names are below (information from the HGL Facebook page):

Bombers – Since being built in 1941 the Williamtown RAAF base has been a huge part of the Newcastle & Hunter community. RAAF Base Williamtown is a Royal Australian Air Force base and headquarters to Australia’s Air Combat Group.

Miners – The name obviously comes from and pays respect to the rich history in the Newcastle and Hunter valley mining industries. We are known for a our rich mining culture and we are sure people will be proud to pull on the Miners uniform in the coming months.

The Marauders – The Marauders name is based off the long standing history of maritime activities in the Newcastle and Hunter areas. Newcastle port is one of busiest in the world with exporting & cruise ships.

Cannons – This name honors one of Newcastle’s most popular tourist attractions, Fort Scratchley, built in 1882 in Newcastle East originally to defend the city against a possible Russian attack, although the guns weren’t fired in anger until 1942 against the Japanese.

If you live in the area you should get involved with the HGL, keep an eye of their Facebook page for more details about trial and information days.

Hunter Gridiron League announces four teams


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