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(Photo from Gridiron Australia’s Facebook Page)

Gridiron Australia yesterday via their facebook page have announced the junior outback A & B squads who are scheduled to play in the 2016 junior world championships in China later in the year.

The A squad is as follows:

  • Domonic Allison (WA)
  • Lachlan Bell (QLD)
  • Sebastion Burford (SA)
  • Jack Capewell (QLD)
  • Mitchell Cavanagh (WA)
  • Tyler Cawood (NSW)
  • Kobe Chamberlain (NSW)
  • Hayden Clark (ACT)
  • Liam Crookes (WA)
  • Mitchell Crookes (WA)
  • Luke Davies (WA)
  • Mark Domanski (NSW)
  • Branden Duncan (SA)
  • Reece Fearnside (QLD)
  • Tyler Ferdinands (QLD)
  • Carlin Flood (WA)
  • Rinaldo Gagiano (NSW)
  • Chris Gayle (WA)
  • Jason Gough (QLD)
  • Benjamin Graham (QLD)
  • Dale Haskew (ACT)
  • Jordan Hulls (QLD)
  • Ben Kari Kari (QLD)
  • Blake King (NSW)
  • William Macris (WA)
  • Kaleum Madera (NSW)
  • Ben Metcalfe (WA)
  • Scott Morrall (NSW)
  • Sio Sonny Nofoagototoa (QLD)
  • Will Outridge (QLD)
  • Robert Pahulu (NSW)
  • Lachlan Poor (WA)
  • Nikolai Price (WA)
  • Nicholas Ray (QLD)
  • Joshua Rice (TAS)
  • Shawn Stewart (ACT)
  • Jordan Stirling (WA)
  • James Thornhill (ACT)
  • Lachlan Torrisi (QLD)
  • James Vincent (WA)
  • Daniel Wilkins (QLD)
  • Zac Wood (WA)


B Squad

  • Will Bevan (WA)
  • Luke Butler (WA)
  • Bryce Coulsen (QLD)
  • David Fonti (NSW)
  • Jeremy Ivins (NSW)
  • Seth Jackson (TAS)
  • John Kari Kari (QLD)
  • Dylan Menti (QLD)
  • Kieran Reilly (ACT)
  • Caleb Spinks (QLD)

As most people would know there are no Victorian’s on the squad due to Gridiron Australia’s hypocritical decision not to let Victorian players join the training camp, even though their adult counterparts could join their respective teams.

At the last Under 19 World Cup the USA defeated Canada 40-17 in Kuwait with Mexico in third place the 2016 competition is to be held in China but all we have seen with regards to information about the tournament is the original press release from IFAF.

We hope to the sake of all the players and coaches who have put in a lot of work that this tournament goes off with out a hitch with a strong number of other counties in attendance.

Gridiron Australia release junior outback A & B Squads


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  1. Well done Tyler Cawood. We are so proud of you. This is what dreams are made of. This is an opportunity of a lifetime…..enjoy each moment. All the best in the world championship. We will be supporting you.

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