Gridiron Victoria - Juniors Warriors v Silverbacks

Gridiron Victoria went into week 3 of the Junior season and week 2 of the women’s season.

Juniors Competition

  • MUGC Lions defeat Croydon Rangers : 44-6
  • Monash Warriors defeat Pakenham Silverbacks : 34-22
  • Northern Raiders defeat Berwick Miners : 42-20
  • Western Crusaders defeat South Eastern Predators : 20-16

Womens Competition

  • Melton Wolves defeat MUGC Chargers : 14-6
  • Geelong Buccaneers defeat Berwick Miners Diamonds : 62-6
  • Croydon Rangers defeat Pakenham Silverbacks : 46-16


In the junior competition the stand out team so far is the Monash Warriors with last years champions the Royals not far behind, the rest of the play-off sports are wide open at this stage of the season.

In the womens competition the Buccaneers, Rangers, Raiders and new team Wolves are all undefeated but the Raiders and Wolves have played one less game as they have had bye early in the season.

Check out the standings on the right of the page and the upcoming games here.

Gridiron Victoria weekend wrap up


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