Gridiron Tasmania - Awards night 2016

Gridiron Tasmania had its night of nights last weekend to announce all the award winners and the all Tasmanian Team.

The main awards winners are below:

  • League MVP: QB Marcus Dornauf
  • Offensive MVP: Josh Have
  • Defensive MVP: Pat Meaney
  • Rookie of the Year: Mitch Lee
  • Lineman of the Year: Chris Hennessy

Also Gridiron Tasmania passed on a big congratulations to Tamika Chamberlain and Pete Winn on winning GT Volunteer of the Year!

The GT team of the year was also announced which can be found below:

Marcus Dornauf

  • Quarterback

Josh Havea

  • Running Back

Mitch Lee

  • Full Back

Luke Chamberlain

  • Wide Receiver

Regan Ward

  • Wide Receiver

Nick Boxhall

  • Tight End

Matt Cameron

  • Right Tackle

Jeff Clarke

  • Left Guard

Nathan Grafton

  • Centre

Ben Stafford

  • Right Guard

Chris Hennessy

  • Left Tackle

Anthony Lean

  • Defensive End

James Holman

  • Defensive End

Doug Smith

  • Defensive Tackle

Rob Williams

  • Defensive Tackle

Rohan Nunn

  • Outside Linebacker

Chris Jackson

  • Middle Linebacker

Adam Weeding

  • Middle Linebacker

Patrick Meaney

  • Outside Linebacker

Sam Randall

  • Cornerback

Mark Koko

  • Cornerback

Fletcher Harding

  • Strong Safety

Wayne Kam

  • Free Safety

Kaileb Barracu

  • Kicker

Alex Hoystead

  • Kick/Punt Returner

Brody Fussell

  • Reserve Running Back

Taz Little

  • Reserve WR/RB

Josh Halton

  • Reserve Wide Receiver

Haruru Maeclem

  • Reserve Offensive Lineman

Jared Goldsmith

  • Reserve Defensive Lineman

Josh Smith

  • Reserve Defensive Lineman

Jacob Chevoux

  • Reserve Linebacker

Tom Shepperd

  • Reserve Defensive Back

Cam Chamberlain

  • Reserve Defensive Back

Brett Wheldon

  • Head Coach

Congratulations to all award winners!

Gridiron Tasmania hosts its awards night


Gridiron DownUnder's Grand Poobah

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