Week 6 has come and gone and with it brings Division 2’s first ever power rankings in Gridiron Victoria! As tempted as I was to simply copy and paste the current ladder positions, I thought for the hell of it that I’d swap two teams randomly. Want to make an impact on the rankings? Show me an impact on the field… and a 20 in a sealed envelope. Okay, here we go…

  1. Pakenham Silverbacks (5-0)

Is there any doubt? It’s a good question. At this point they haven’t put a foot wrong, but are Pakenham about to lose athletic Quarterback Kevin Russell to a late 110 Meter Hurdles Olympic call up? This sports nut thinks not, however it wouldn’t be the stupidest thing that’s happened to the Rio Olympics. Only two things could adjust Pakenham’s standing this year: Russell’s health and Week 8’s showdown with the Dragons.

  1. Bendigo Dragons (4-1)

Similar to Pakenham, these two teams sit comfortably above the rest of the field. Securing the Goldfields Bowl at home seemed like a formality, as has been the norm since midway through the 2014 season. The Dragons easily take the number 2 spot this week.

  1. Monash Barbarians (3-2)

What a beautiful day for a game down in Croydon. The sun was out, I was sitting up in the grandstand, and instead of wanting to watch the game all I felt like doing was drinking Tequila Sunrises. If you don’t know what I’m getting at then have a google of Monash’s new uniforms.
It was a good win, but completely overshadowed by what will make a great throwback round jersey in twenty years.

  1. Northern Raiders (1-2-2)

Now begins the battle of the one win clubs. Figuring out who deserves fourth is hard when all clubs in contention don’t seem to want it. In the end its faith, and not trust that gets the Raiders over the line. Faith that they will be able to score, but no trust that it will be their Offence that does the scoring. Shout out to Matt ‘Farnham’ Jermy who seems to keep on going. I only hope reverting to the backup QB last week wasn’t because of injury.

  1. Gippsland Gladiators (1-4-1)

……… (Silence) Losing? At home? To the winless Melton? No offence to Gippsland but WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I have a lot of love for the boys based in Morwell, and after seeing what physically looked like an exciting team last week I was prepared to consider them as high as 3. But c’mon, you can take the Polish out of Poland but you can’t win that game at home?! At least you bounce back this weekend without a loss. Just the bye instead. 

  1. Ballarat Falcons (1-3-1)

Started the season positively, but are slowly losing grip finger by finger. Week 6 brings the question: Were they holding on with 2 hands or 1? After two 60-plus point losing margins in three weeks, it looks like the only hand holding on has let go. One big upside to come is the return of Head Coach Mark Kuntsi from his hiatus in Canada. The Canucks are terrible at Hockey, maybe offer a few players a second chance at playing Gridiron in Australia?

  1. Melton Wolves (1-4)

Firstly, congratulations on the first win lads! Achieving a win far quicker than some first year teams is impressive. However not impressive enough to lift them off the bottom of the rankings. Make it 2 in a row and I’ll consider it.

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Division 2 GV Power Rankings Week 6

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