Gridiron Tasmania Tiger Bowl II

Each of the three clubs in Gridiron Tasmania are currently in their recruitment phase of the pre-season. If you have never tried American Football and you are located in Tasmania you have to get down and check the clubs out.

In the North of the state, you have the O’Keefes Launceston Gorillas Gridiron Club who will host an open day on 17th July and you can find out more here.

If you are down south in Hobart both the southern teams, SOHO University Devils – American Football Club and Queens Head Knights Gridiron Club are holding open days on 31st July.

You can learn more about the Devils open day here and the Knights open day here.

If your playing days are behind you then you may want to consider becoming an official, Gridiron Tasmania needs more officials for the 2016 season and would love to hear from interested parties.

Everyone on the mainland wants to see the Gridiron Tasmania league grow stronger and hopefully see them competing at national tournaments soon, it takes a strong local league for that to happen so get behind the 3 clubs and contact Gridiron Tasmania today.

Gridiron Tasmania ramps up player recruitment for 2016


Gridiron DownUnder's Grand Poobah

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