Happy Tuesday everybody! And Tuesday at Gridiron Downunder means it’s time for the GV Players of the Week. Week 8 brought us some close games, a couple of dominating victories and no ties for the Northern Raiders! Truly a weekend of contrast. The following performances offer up some contrast as well, although the one thing they all have in common is excellence.

(Editor’s note: The South Eastern Predators and Monash Barbarians had the respective byes in each division this week, and are not featured)

Duncan McIntoshBallarat Falcons – Duncan McIntosh, Quarterback

114 passing yards, 87 rushing yards, 2 TD

The dual threat signal caller was at his best on Sunday, leading the Falcons back from a 12-0 halftime deficit to pinch a 13-12 win over the Gippsland Gladiators. His big play ability and leadership shined through for all to see in the second half rally.

Jarrod Prentice2Bendigo Dragons – Jarrod Prentice, Wide Receiver

74 receiving yards, 50 rushing yards, 1 TD

Prentice once again proved he is one of the fastest receivers in Division 2, stretching the field and providing a constant big play threat for the Dragon offence in their close loss to the Division leading Silverbacks. His fifty rushing yards all came on reverses.

Deckster HarawaBerwick Miners – Deckster Harawa, WR/DB

60 receiving yards, 11 total tackles

A few Ironman performances of note this past weekend, but this one is probably the most impressive. The Miners played with 12 on Saturday and Harawa’s effort with the numbers above is simply awe-inspiring. 5 catches and 11 tackles is a hard day’s work.

Nick JohnstonCroydon Rangers – Nick Johnston, Cornerback

6 tackles, 1 FF, 117 return yards, 1 TD

In a tough game for the Rangers, Johnston stood tall with a command performance as a shutdown corner and returner. He was excellent in run support against a bruising attack and was rewarded for his consistent effort with an 81 yard kick return touchdown.

Elliot WebbGeelong Buccaneers – Elliot Webb, Fullback

110 rushing yards, 13 receiving yards, 3 TD

Former Linebacker turned runningback, Webb had a breakout game in Geelong’s 33-6 victory over the Miners. Getting it done both on the ground and in the air, he found the endzone three times and added a new dimension to the Buccaneer Offence.

Pat KlisiewiczGippsland Gladiators – Pat Klisiewicz, OL/DL

6 total tackles, 4 sacks

The Pride of Krakow and another one of the tough group of players forced to pull double duty, Klisiewicz stayed on the field all day and gave brilliant effort in the Glads fighting loss to the Falcons. It was on defence where he did most of his damage, picking up four sacks.

Alex FranklinMelbourne Uni Royals – Alex Franklin, Quarterback

123 passing yards, 73 rushing yards, 3 TD

The change to Franklin at quarterback by the Royals coaching staff has been a revelation, with their offence being a far more dangerous outfit over the last month. When it comes to dual threat quarterbacks in Division 1 right now, there are none better than the man they call “Sticks”.

Matthew KrulMelton Wolves – Matthew Krul, QB/S

90 rushing yards, 1 TD, 5 tackles, 1 sack

Krul put in an outstanding Ironman performance in Melton’s loss to the Northern Raiders, appearing all over the box score with plays both under centre and at the safety spot. He finally scored his first rushing TD of the season, and also picked up a sack on defence.

Jonathon TostevinMonash Warriors – Jonathon Tostevin, Centre

Tostevin was a rock for the Warriors in their nail biting win over the Royals. He made countless key blocks in the Monash run game as a pulling centre and had complete control making adjustments in pass protection. He also won the game on defence with a sack of Alex Franklin on a conversion attempt that would have tied the game.

Ritche NouueNorthern Raiders – Ritche Nouue, Defensive End

8 total tackles, 1 sack, 1 FF

Along with the rest of the Raiders defensive line, Nouue put on an awesome display of power in a 24-6 victory on Saturday. He was a constant presence in the Wolves backfield, wreaking havoc on an overmatched offensive line and being almost impossible to block.

James AviaPakenham Silverbacks – James Avia, Runningback

98 rushing yards, 13 receiving yards

An Outstanding junior player who has made the jump to the Men’s Competition, Avia averaged 10 yards a carry in the Silverbacks win over Bendigo. A prodigious talent, Avia can play a variety of positions and will only get better at this level with his combination of size, speed and agility.

Tyson Garnham2Western Crusaders – Tyson Garnham, Wingback

Huge effort again from the Cru’s go to man, dominating the game on the ground from the Wingback spot. The orbit motion lead plays were too much to handle for the Ranger defence, with his effort on third down conversions especially impressive when the game was still alive.


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